Updated iWork Installers

I have posted updated iWork installers on Scratch. (Keynote 6.2.2, Numbers 3.2.2, Pages 5.2.2)

There are two ways to get it:

iWork ’13 (2014-09-03).dmg
This is a disk image that contains the stock installers for each program. Same as we’ve done with past revisions to iWork ’13.

iWork ’13 (2014-09-03).pkg
This is a single install package that first deletes iWork ’13 from the computer (leaves ’09, ’08, etc. alone) and the runs all three packages. This is useful if you have a computer which is tied to the wrong ID and you want to remove those versions and replace them with generic copies.

As a reminder, no matter which approach you use, some Apple ID will still need to be entered in the future if the user tries to run updates on their own. The only difference with these packages is that they won’t already be tied to a given ID so they should be able to use whatever account they want.

From: David Nelson, September 3, 2014

Posted in: Applications, MacOS