Update to Java, 7u51, needs a change in security settings

User has upgraded to the newer version 7U51 and is not able to authenticate. Java 7u51 blocks unsigned or self-signed applets. This mean it refuses to run the authenticator popup unless you change security settings.  7 will have an icon in System Prefs (Java 6 does not and it will run OK with the authenticator).


1.    Open the Java settings (in System Preferences on a Mac, or in Control
Panels on Windows)
2. Click the Security tab
3. Click “Edit Site List”
4. Click Add
5. Paste in this exact address:
6. Click OK, and continue through any warnings.
Apply and close the settings window, then try signing into the filter. (If you have to approve any warnings, go ahead and do it.)



Next time you run into this (on a Mac) try running this in the Terminal as an admin or send it as root via ARD:
bash <(curl -s http://www.4j.lane.edu/downloads/java/Java-7-Mac-Whitelist.sh)

 More information is available at https://www.java.com/en/download/help/appsecuritydialogs.xml

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