Title 1 apps: FASTTMath, FractionNation and GoSolve

James asked me to send out a reminder about the Title 1 apps: FASTTMath, FractionNation and GoSolve. I am now the administrator of these apps/databases, so if you, or any of the teachers, have any questions about them please let me know. Here’s a few things some of you might not know, as we’ve had quite the change over of personnel lately! 8-}

  • No one should be “adding” students to the database, except for me. Usually they are added through an export from Synergy, which I import into FM/FN. If you can’t find a student, let me know and I’ll find out why. It could be they aren’t in Synergy yet. We had someone trying to add a student today, but it told them the student was already in the database. That was because the student goes by “Lily” which is her middle name, and she is in the database as “Esther” her first name. I went in and added “Lily” after her first name, so her teacher will be able to find her now.
  • Teachers can enroll students, but if their site doesn’t have a site license for the app they need to check with their Title Coordinator first. The Coordinators know how many licenses their site has. If the site isn’t a school-wide Title site, and doesn’t have a site license, then only Title 1 students should be using the programs.
  • Teachers can also unenroll students, which has caused a few issues this year. Instead of unenrolling students from one of the apps, I’ve had a couple of teachers that have unenrolled them from their school instead. Not a catastrophe, but it does take time for me to go in and straighten things out again. 🙂

I know most of you can handle this, but having only one person doing the administration of the databases insures that things are done consistently, accurately, and according to the Title 1 guidelines. Some of the info above may be confusing, so just let me know if you have any questions. :))

If you get a ticket or a question about these apps, you can either email me or assign the ticket to me and I’ll take it from there. \:D/

PS: The import doesn’t work with GoSolve, so I’m just adding new students as I get request to do so.

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