Sound problems when doing Oaks tests

Here are the two most common issues involving sound and Oaks.

1. Before starting the Oaks browser, make sure the sound output to switched to headset/headphones.

2. During the actual test, hold down the control key when highlighting the text to be read aloud. Menu options should pop up for reading or printing.

Oaks speak print options

Control/click on an area that contains text. A pop-up menu will appear with “Speak” options.
Students who select and control/click a portion of text will be presented with the option to listen to the selected test. This feature is primarily used with reading passages.
Select (click) the desired Speak option and the text will be spoken aloud. As words are read aloud, the text on the screen will also be highlighted.


From: Mary Hochberg and Oaks Test Administrator User Guide (, May 9, 2014

Posted in: Applications, Voice and Sound Systems