Script to disable Apple XProtect

The script to disable Apple XProtect (which disables Flash in Safari) is on the scratch drive:

scratch/TSS Team Blog/

“It disables Apple’s XProtect permanently (or at least until the next system patch), which has been disabling Flash and Java and otherwise making our lives miserable.
Send it out via ARD, and this gets Safari working again.

For Firefox, go to about:config in the location bar and type in “extensions.blocklist.disabled”. Set this to False, and it will stop trying to block Flash and Java.

It will be for the building TSSs to decide if you want to use this script in the long term. Apple sends out XProtect updates roughly once a month, and it will keep doing so unless XProtect is disabled. It’s a security concern that we need to weigh the implications of vs. something that directly impacts our instruction.”

From: James Grubic and David Nelson, March 2014

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