No items visible in student files1 folder

The student connects to the files1 server.

There are no items visible in her server folder, yet when she drags a file from the desktop to the folder, it claims there is another file of the same name, and asks if it should be replaced. When the item is replaced, it shows up, but then disconnecting from files1, then reconnecting, the item is gone again.

I then had her connect to the server on another computer, which showed the file that she had just placed in the folder using the other laptop, but nothing else that was supposed to be in there. Then, I switched from icon view to column view, and all items in the folder disappeared…

She had folders for all of her classes on that server folder, with all of her assignments, all of which are not showing up in her folder anymore.

I had her connect via smb instead of afp, and all of her information is there, and able to be accessed. Was also able to save a file to the folder.


From: David Greene, May 8, 2014

Posted in: Applications, MacOS