Name Meraki Installers

From the Overview screen, you can download clients for Mac, PC, iOS, etc. These downloads always have the same name. For example, if I download the Mac client it is always named MerakiPCCAgent.pkg. However, and this is super-important to understand, the downloaded file is specifically keyed to the MDM location’s Network ID that you are currently viewingWe do have quite a few devices showing up in other schools as a result.
As a good practice, rename the download immediately to include the school name. You can tell what school you are currently associated with by looking at the pulldown menu at the top of the Meraki screen.
Meraki Client Packages
This is not a huge deal that requires everyone to fix something right away. After all, they are in Meraki and that’s the main thing we wanted. You can fix it by simply re-installing the .pkg or .mobileconfig at some point in the future, it will overwrite the previous settings.

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