Missing Plug-In Errors on Macs

Just FYI as we’re seeing a lot of these errors pop up throughout the district.

Apple has a process running on Macs since 10.6 called XProtect. Once a month, XProtect checks in with Apple to see which versions of Java or Flash are valid. If you have a version of Flash that is no longer valid, for example, you will suddenly get the “Missing plug-in” or “plug-in out of date” errors in Safari.

There are two ways to solve this problem:

1. David Nelson made a script to DisableXProtect.sh and I am attaching this. It completely removes XProtect and puts a folder in its place, but apparently may not work on 10.9. We may work on a revised solution going forward to combat this problem.


2. Update Flash on all of the machines in question. You can send this out via ARD or Meraki. Just be aware that you have to watch for this problem monthly, because of the changes Apple sends out monthly.

On Firefox, you will want to go to about:config and set extensions.blocklist.enabled to false, and this should allow Firefox to be able to continue to use your existing Flash regardless of what XProtect does.

From: James Grubic, September 11, 2014

Posted in: Applications, MacOS