Microsoft Virtualization App for Lawson on Macs

This program allows Mac computers to connect to Lawson via a Windows computer at the Ed Center. Complete directions can be found on the Scratch drive. The file name is in the Windows Installers folder and called Microsoft Virtual App.pdf

The program is easy to install and use and even puts a shortcut on the user’s dock.


Microsoft updated their Remote Desktop program for OS X today. I have updated our install package:

As in the past, please bear in mind that this installer includes the settings that point you to the right server, and consequently it will over-write any existing settings you may have in Remote Desktop. So if you have a an extensive list of servers that you don’t want to re-add, don’t run this on your main computer.

If you install this on a staff member’s computer, please send their name to Rory O’Neal in Network Services.

If, after installation, you see a ? on the dock where the app should be, run Software Update until all are done, restart the computer, then reinstall the app.

Note: Documentation revised to include setting up default printer.

From: Rory O’Neal August 21, 2014
Revised: Rory O’Neal October 14, 2014
Updated: Mary Hochberg, October 31, 2014
Updated: Rory O’Neal November 4, 2014
Updated: David Nelson, December 10, 2014


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