Meraki Installer for Oaks 2014

Here’s a combined installer for your task server or Meraki.

It contains both 6.5 and 7.0 and automatically picks the correct version, installing Oaks 7.0 on 10.6 and up, or Oaks 6.5 on Intel 10.5. It should simply fail and install nothing if you send it to Intel 10.4 or any PPC.

I’ve tried on 10.9, 10.6, and 10.5 and it worked. Also observed it fail on a 10.4 system.

It places an alias to Oaks on the desktop of each user. It also deletes any past versions from Applications and replaces them with an alias to the new version. So if you had the old version in the Dock, that icon will automagically point to the new one instead.

Please give it a try yourself before doing any widespread deployment and let me know how it goes.

From: David Nelson, October 2, 2014

Posted in: Applications, MacOS