iWeb Publishing Problem Fix

If a user can’t upload an updated website from iWeb, I’ve been sending them these directions and had good results.

Over the summer, there was a change made that is causing this problem. Here’s how to fix it. (Call me at ext 7777 if you want help with this or run into any problems.)
Close iWeb
Download this program

Press control/click on the downloaded program and choose “installer”
Once it has run, you can throw it away and open iWeb.

Note: The package does not seem to work on OS 10.6 (unconfirmed)

If the installer doesn’t work, try this:

– Quit iWeb
– Open the “Terminal” program (Applications, then Utilities)
– Copy and paste the following into the Terminal:

ssh-keygen -R staff.4j.lane.edu

– Hit the Return key
– Quit Terminal
– Open iWeb and try publishing again

Here’s what caused the problem:
“When you SFTP or SSH to a server, your computer saves a fingerprint that identifies that server to keep the connection secure in the future.

This summer the staff web server was rebuilt and it ended up with a new fingerprint. This is causing iWeb and possibly other programs to throw up errors claiming that the password is wrong when some staff try to publish their updated site via SFTP.”

From: David Nelson and Mary Hochberg, August 29, 2014

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