How to tell if Meraki is installed

Here’s how to tell if Meraki is already installed on a computer.

Open Terminal and type in:

cd /Library/Application\ Support

(note the space after cd and after \)

Press return, then type

Find Meraki

If it is found, it will┬álist “Meraki” on the next line.

(Note: You can also type in “mdfind meraki” and it will show files if it’s installed).


Open Task Manager. Under the Services tab, look for MerakiPCCAgent.
If it is there, then Meraki is installed.
(Note: if the Status is “Stopped,” right click on it and choose “Start Service.”

For more information about Meraki, try these links:


From: Mary Hochberg and James Grubic, May 1, 2014

Posted in: Applications