Go Solve

From Peggy Hinsman:

GoSolve is a Math Word Problem application to teach students from 3rd grade through middle school how to solve math word problems. GoSolve has the application installed on the computers and connects with our server. There isn’t web access to our server. There is no limit on the number of students who can use the application, but the number of licenses limits how many computers can run the GoSolve application, which includes teacher apps on their computers. Check with the Tech Support person to find out where Go Solve is installed. The number of licenses limit how many computers can have the GoSolve app installed on it.

GoSolve is an application for students to use, so teachers can’t have the app installed on their computer, but teachers can access the Teacher Utility by logging in on one of the student computers. If you need a student added or removed from your class, you can email me the information and I will do this for you, or you can log into the Teacher Utility area and do it yourself.

Here is a link to instructions on how to log into the Teacher Utility area:

Here is a link for a description and instructions on how to use Go Solve:

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