Firefox/Zimbra shows only background and loading icon keeps spinning

Here’s the latest fix, from Mike Pilandri via Roger Morris.

In Firefox, go to Help/Troubleshooting Information, then click on “Reset Firefox” in the upper right corner of the screen. It will reset and close Firefox and then restart Firefox and import all your settings.

Note! This works fine on Windows computers. On Macs, you will need to reset the home page, downloads location, and possibly other settings including pop-up blockers, etc.


Most calls this morning (and many of the tickets that I see) are about the Firefox/Zimbra issue. Here’s what I have found so far that works. Start with number one and work your way down the list. These work on both Mac and Window computers.

  1. Clear all History in Firefox, quit Firefox, log out of computer user account. Go back in and everything might work.
  2. Quit Firefox, go back to the Zimbra log in screen, under “Version:” choose “Standard (HTML)” Log into your Zimbra account. Log back out. Then log back in using the default Version.
  3. Go to Bookmarks/Show all Bookmarks. Click on the star and choose “Back up Bookmarks.” Go to user/Library/Application Support and delete the Firefox folder. Open Firefox, don’t import anything, go to Firefox/Bookmarks, click on the star and “Restore” to restore their bookmarks. You will also have to reset their home page(s), download location and privacy settings.

Short term, they can use either Safari or Internet Explorer to get to their email. Neither of those are having problems.

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