Filemaker Pro – Make a clone of server database

1. Obtain a copy of the database from the server.


2. Rename it, clean out the database, reset passwords.


Option 1 can be done in two different ways. The simplest is to log in via FTP, go to the Backups folder, and copy (drag in CyberDuck) the latest version to your desktop.


If you need the very latest version, or need to make a structural change to the main database, you need to stop the server.


a. Launch FileMaker Server Admin Console


b. Click on Clients tab (under Administration) and check for anyone connected. They will all need to disconnect before you can continue.


c. Go to top left corner and look for icons of a two cylinders, one with a green arrow and one with a red stop icon. Press the stop icon. No one will be able to connect to the database during this time.


d. Log in via FTP and go to the Data folder. Copy the relevant database to your desktop.


e. Rename database!!!


f. Launch database, log in, and make sure you are connected to the local copy and not the server database.


g. Delete all records


h. Go to File/Manage/Accounts & Privs. Change passwords for all accounts, delete extraneous accounts like the numerous TSS accounts.


i. Make sure you have restarted the FileMaker Server by pressing the cylinder icon with the green arrow.

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