Android phones: adding 4JAuth and Zimbra

To connect an Android phone to 4jauth:

  1. Choose “Settings” from your App list or from the main menu on your phone.
  2. Choose “wifi” and make sure it is turned on.
  3. Click on 4jauth
  4. Under “Security” choose “802.1x EAP”.
  5. Under “EAP method” choose “TTLS“.
  6. Under “Phase 2 authentication” choose “PAP”.
  7. Under “Identity” type just your 4J username without the rest of the the email address
  8. Under “Anonymous Identity” type “anonymous” without the quotes.
  9. Choose the “Connect” button.

To add Zimbra to an Android phone, follow the directions here:

From: David Nelson, January 14, 2015

Posted in: Applications, Zimbra