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NCTM articles on some different topics

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pizzatoppings and pascal’s triangle


functions of number theory in music

do-it-yourself fractals


sample IAs

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Relatively good papers:

FlorenceNightingaleIA About: Florence Nightingale wanted to learn math. There is a document in a book that showed patterns of war deaths and student tried to recreate the chart. Florence Nightingale points Florence Nightingale annotated

Modeling epidemics About: Using an SRI to model a past epidemic  Modeling Epidemics Scoring modelingepidemicsannotaded

Breaking the code About Code creation Breaking the code breakingthecodeannotated

Regularization of irregular verbs About: Mathematical analysis of how irregular verbs have been regularized Regularization of irregular verbs scoring Regularization of irregular verbs


Other papers:

birthday problem birthday problem annotated scoring birthday problem


Welcome to my South Eugene High School Math pages

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Hello and welcome to school year 2016-2017 at South Eugene High School

These pages are intended to provided extra support for students and their families for my intensified algebra and precalc SL students.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, Tamara Torrence at