Exercises to do at home — from Mr. Pfanner


We may be using Zoom to talk about class content.  

Zoom tutorials

As you have probably heard, Zoom is a platform for online meetings.  I have used it with my computer, my phone, and my iPad.

If we have a Zoom meeting, I will post a meeting time and meeting I.D. in Google classroom.  I will also email the information to the email addresses on file in ParentVue and StudentVue. 

Parents, if you have access to ParentVue, you can make sure you have the correct email address on file in there.

For students, you will want to make sure that you know how to access your school email.  The username and password are the same as they are to see StudentVue.  If you have a phone or tablet, you can put the Zimbra email app on your phone and use it to see your school email.  


If you have not joined our google classroom, use the codes below to add yourself to a class.

ADVISORY – en6obfd

1st period – hg52t7u

3rd period – v7iq3v7

4th period – 33zz4y3

5th period – c3bmbb6

6th period – mvsoniz

Advisory – en6obfd


Sea-Floor Spreading

VIDEO: Start at 10 minutes and watch until 20 minutes.

Dragon Genetics

 ➡  Directions:  Go to the link for GENIVERSE: Dragon Genetics.

GENIVERSE: Dragon Genetics

NOTE:  I will bring treats for students who complete both assignments in Google Classroom and do not have any negative comments about their behavior. 

  1. Click “Log in” in the top right corner. (If you have never signed in before, click “Register.” Then click “I’m a student.”)
  2. Click sign in with Google.
  3. Use your 4J Google account.

            (Note: If somebody else did not log out, you will need to go to and click on the circle at the top right to log out the other person.  Then quit out of the browser all the way.  If that doesn’t work, use a different web browsing program.)

If this is your first time signing in, scroll down and enter a class word.

1st Period is ATA 1

3rd Period is ATA 3

4th Period is ATA 4

5th Period is ATA 5

6th Period is ATA 6



  1. Enter the Geniverse Lab.
  2. Click on the Case Log to resume where you left off.
  3. Click on Case 5: Certification. 
  4. Click “Breed.”  Then figure out what the male drake’s genes are.

Remember this information from before:

  1. Keep trying until you get 3 stars.  Then click “Go back to case log.”
  2. Take a screenshot of the case log that includes your name and the three stars for Certification.  (Screenshot = apple/shift/4 or command/shift/4).   Go to Google Classroom and attach the screenshot to the assignment.

Class codes for Google classroom:

period 1 — hg52t7u
period 3 — v7iq3v7
period 4 — 33zz4y3
period 5 — c3bmbb6
period 6 — mvsoniz

  1. We are going to move on to Apprentice. Click on the Apprentice tab. Skip case 6. Click on case 7: What Are the Odds?
  2. Continue working on the Apprentice level.  Before the end of class, submit a screenshot in Google Classroom that includes your name and your stars for the Apprentice level. 
  3. Make sure to sign out. Go to and log out. Quit out of the browser.
  4. Put this page in your science binder. Put away your binder and computer.


Cascadia Subduction Zone

Deadliness vs. Magnitude

This will be page 4 of your science notes.

Here are the links that you need for the assignment.

10 Deadliest Earthquakes in History

10 Most Powerful Recorded Earthquakes

Here are the population values that you will need for the assignment.


Shensi(Shaanxi) – 32,368,083

Tangshan – 7,577,289

Sumatra – 50,370,000

Aleppo — 2,132,100

Haiti — 10,980,000

Southern Chile — 124,169

Prince William Sound — 1000

Kamchatka — 38,980

Bío Bío, Chile  — 945,650


Mr. Guch’s Six Steps for Good Graphs

Six Steps to Wonderful Graphs


ATA Staff Kahoot

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