Earthquakes, Volcanoes, and Google Earth

Viewing recent earthquakes around the world —

Viewing past earthquakes of magnitude 6 or greater —

Viewing volcanoes around the world —


Deadliest vs. Most Powerful Earthquakes

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10 Deadliest Earthquakes in History

10 Most Powerful Recorded Earthquakes

Here are the population values that you will need for the assignment.

Shensi(Shaanxi) – 32,368,083
Tangshan – 7,577,289
Sumatra – 50,370,000
Aleppo — 2,132,100
Haiti — 10,980,000
Southern Chile — 124,169
Prince William Sound — 1000
Kamchatka — 38,980
Arica — 229,689

Catastrophic Events – Locating an Epicenter of an Earthquake

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“Mission To the Mantle”

Write the main idea for the 3 paragraphs.

For each of Earth’s six layers, write two facts.

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The Reason for Seasons

Autumn is here!

Virtual Calorimeter

Calorie content of different foods

Calorie List for Most of the Foods


1 large Oreo cookie Blizzard®

Calories Burned for Different Exercises

Technology Presentation if you were absent in advisory.

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Technology Slide Show

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