Happy Friday Students!

Today, you will be completing your snow globe poem.  If you failed to complete the poem, you need to finish that prior to creating your snow globe.  

If you need directions for the snow globe poem, you may click the links below. 

Choose either Option 1 or Option 2

You may listen to music, but please be careful not to get glue on your computer.  

Snow Globe Activity

Step 1: Cut out the circle from the colored card stock.  


Step 2: Cut out a circle of the same size from the white paper and tear the white paper circle in half to make a snowy-like hill on the horizon.


Step 4: Glue the snowy hill to the colored card stock circle.  

Step 5: Cut out your photo.  You should only have the silhouette of your body – nothing else.

Step 6: Glue your photo onto your colored card stock/snow.


Step 7: Decorate the rest of your snow globe picture with scenery or anything else you would like to include.


Step 8: Using a hot glue gun, carefully glue the clear plate to the card stock to make it appear more like a snow globe. 


Step 9: Print your winter poem.

Step 10: Glue your poem and Snow Globe onto a piece of card stock.

Once you have finished, please clean up ALL your paper scraps. Put your scissors, markers and glue away.  Turn in your snow globe on the front table.  

If you finish before the end of second block, you may work on missing work from the past week in this class, or read, or work on missing work from other classes.  You may NOT play games on the computer. Thanks!