Here is a message from Mrs. Bounds, band director at SHS.

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Dear Incoming Freshman Band Students and Families,

Thank-you for your interest in the Sheldon High School Bands & Color Guard. Attached you will find an informational flyer about the many band opportunities we have at Sheldon. 

As you begin your forecasting for your classes I highly encourage you to register for Concert Band when you forecast. You will circle “Concert Band” in the “music section” of the forecasting sheet AND list Concert Band as your first elective choice. As a freshman, you are enrolled in Concert Band, which meets third period all three trimesters. As a member of the Sheldon Concert Band you will perform in 4 school concerts and at least one band festival performance. Students in Concert Band also have the option to participate in our jazz bands and Pep Band opportunities. Joining Concert Band is a great way to “ease” into high school band. More details about our band program and some of the “myths” about joining the Sheldon Band can be found in our Middle School Recruitment Poster

After your freshman year in band, the format of your class schedule will change to incorporate marching band in addition to your regular band class.  However, should you be interested in joining the Marching Band as a freshman (either in the woodwind, brass, percussion, or color guard sections) please contact Ms. Bounds at We would love to have more freshmen join our marching band so if you would like more information in participating in this band please let Ms. Bounds know. 

I know that there may be students who are hesitant to continue in band for many reasons, including they are not sure that they will have room in their schedule. I assure you that we have had many students who have participated in sports, world languages (including Spanish Immersion, Honors Programs, and IHS all whom have also participated in band for four years at Sheldon HS. We are here to support you in this journey as well. All I can recommend to you is to try it. 

This has been my first year as band director at Sheldon HS and I’m so excited for what the future holds for our outstanding band program. If you have any questions about anything please do not hesitate to reach out. I’m here to answer any and all question you may have. 


Julie Bounds

Director of Bands,Sheldon High School

971-808-0341 (google voice number, recommended)

541-790-6672 (office)