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Medieval Journal Example Entry

Dearest Journal,  

The bump on my head has gone down today. Fortunately, the stone dropped from the castle wall was a small one – a larger one and I wouldn’t be writing today. In the end the pain is worth it though. We won’t continue paying King John’s taxes. It’s not fair. The taxes keep increasing, but they pay us no more in shillings. Not to mention, the wars we’re paying for are only fought to feed the King’s arrogance. We’re poor people, us peasants, but what we lack in resources we have in numbers. I reckon there are over a thousand of us in this kingdom alone. 

While the King and his men were able to fend us off yesterday, we will try again tomorrow. We will storm the gates and set the place afire if we have to. There is excitement in the air: Excitement mixed with fury. The excitement comes with being within reach of our goals. The fury comes with having had enough. Our goals are simple: To win our basic human rights and to have justice in the kingdom once and for all.

Hopefully, we won’t have to camp outside the castle another night. The darkness is cold. The porridge is too. Tomorrow, we shall force him to sign the great charter. We will call it the Magna Carta. 


Wade Baker

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