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Use these links to explore animals and places in our world. You might also look out a window or sit on your porch/deck/step. What do you see in the natural world outside the place you live? Use what you see to make some art.

Try some of these art projects:

  • Spend time closely observing an image, take a screenshot, or pause a video. Study the shapes, colors, patterns, or textures that you see.
  • Use pencil or ink to sketch what you see.
  • Use paint, crayon, oil pastel, colored pencil, or markers to create colored drawings or paintings.
  • Make realistic artworks based on what you see.
  • Use the colors or shapes you see to create an abstract artwork.
  • Use fabric, felt, paper, or magazines to make a collage inspired by something you see.
  • Use sculpting medium (clay, Play-Doh, Sculpey or FIMO) to make a sculpture of what you see.
  • Make a negative drawing of an image you see (draw the spaces instead of the objects).
  • Make a contour drawing of an image you see.
    • Put your pencil on a piece of blank paper.
    • Look at the image you are drawing, but do NOT look at your paper.
    • Once you begin moving your pencil, do not lift if from the paper and do not look at your paper until your drawing is finished.
    • Try to draw what you see, filling all the space on your paper.
    • Your drawing will be an abstract collection of lines. Use color to turn it into a piece of abstract art.

Live Webcam of Eagle Nest with two Baby Eaglets


Use the link below to explore a variety of livecams: LiveCams