Sep 12 2019

Marcus Mariota Day at Autzen!

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Marcus Mariota has donated 200 tickets to Arts & Technology Middle school to attend the football game this Saturday when they host Montana. We will be busing to the game from ATA, touring some player facilities, featured on the big screen and will have access to the field after the game and the kids will be provided some “Duck Bucks” for food at the game.  A few other surprises I’m sure will pop up. This is a super great opportunity for many students who may never otherwise have the ability to see a game in person. Yet another perfect example of what a true class act Marcus is.

I want to teach the kids “Shout” this week so they can properly represent ATA at the end of the 3rd quarter.

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Sep 09 2019

Week One Underway!

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Orientation days are past us and students have dove into the regular class schedule this week. I have started my grade level advisory visits as well. We had the “get to know Scott” a little better conversation. I feel the more the students know about my background they will discover we may have more in common than one would originally think, we can then build stronger, healthier relationships. Some highlights from our conversations.

1. I attended a different elementary school each year. I attended a small K-8 school, promoting from 8th grade with 12 other students. I started my 4th high school mid-way through my sophomore year.

2. I lived in a Tipi in the Colorado forest as a small kid.

3. Played drums since I was 3.

4. USMC Veteran

5. Southern Oregon University Graduate. 1994 Criminology / Sociology

6. Worked in the Oregon Youth Authority

7. Patrol Deputy in Josephine County.

8. I am an avid Mt. Biker & Cyclocross. I have raced cross country for more than a decade.

9. Father to two great kids, 12 & 15 years old, both in Spanish Immersion in 4J schools.

10. ACE score, 11 of 12.

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Aug 29 2019

Welcome to Arts & Technology Middle School!

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Welcome back for the 2019-2020 school year! I’m really looking forward to my second year as your school counselor.

We have made some systematic changes to the schedule, such as each grade level will have different advisory periods, which allows me the opportunity to present lessons three times each day.  I will be using the Second Step curriculum, as well as, various social emotional support lessons. Throughout the school year, I will post videos that I’ve shown students on this blog, so families can review and discuss if necessary.

Some days I will have grade level team meetings, but the majority of the time I will be in or near my office prior to class starting. I will be available for students from 8 am until the first bell at 8:52. Come by and say hello! I will be coaching students to rely more on their email to communicate and schedule appointments with me this year. Technology is a unavoidable part of our students future, the more comfortable all students are using technology the more prepared they will be.

This is obviously my first post and I plan to make this a regular event. I will share events happening at school, lessons I’ve shared and maybe a few personal “get to know Scott more” tid-bits now and again. If you have any questions please email or call me directly at the school. My office line is 541-790-5726 and my email is

  Camping In Colorado. Our “base camp” was at 9000′ elevation.

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Sep 17 2018

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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