Jan 09 2020

Remember When??

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How many people can remember middle school? Those wonderful years when your brain and body changed more aggressively than any other time since you were one to three years old. That time when your imagination ran wild like the wind.

When I tell people what I do, most everyone mentions what a crazy time of life middle school was for them.

Now add in social media, that little things called the world wide web. Imagine all of the crazy things these kids can be exposed to at any moment. Imagine being 12 and being exposed to all the news, fake news, propaganda and world events that are happening in a flash of a moment.

Everyday I talk with kids about this world they are living in. They may be 11 to 13 years old, they are not adults, but for the most part, (mostly 7th & 8th graders) they are no longer little children either, but lost someplace in between.

Please take an extra moment to talk to your kiddos. To listen. Give them all en extra hug, some extra positive words of encouragement.

Thanks for reading….

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Jan 07 2020

Welcome Back!

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I hope everyone had a restful and relaxing winter break. Already this morning our therapist form Roseburg Therapy and I have had discussions with students concerning their anxiety over recent political events and the threat of bombings from Iran. As can be true with any information, especially when we only get portions of the facts, sound bites and tid-bits of information can be alarming to adults, much less middle school children. Middle school can be difficult enough without the added stress of politics and world events. thanks for your help in this matter….

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Dec 14 2019

Advisory Lesson

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For the last week and a half I have been showing this video in advisories for 7th and 8th grades, followed by  discussion. After the “You’re beautiful” video I challenged the kids to compliment someone for no reason other than to be nice. Realizing this can be awkward and it really can be a learned skill, we will dive back into this topic in the new year with some practice around paying others compliments.

So many students use social media, often it is not always a positive activity. Many ATA students have posted on various ATA “relationship” pages. I wish I could report these are positive comments and post. It is easier for student to make negative comments than positive comments and social media makes it even easier to be negative, mean and down right nasty to one another.  I have challenged the kids to start making positive comments on line to practice for giving compliments in person.

We have had some amazing positive conversations around empathy and bullying after this video. We will continue with Anti-bullying, empathy and other social emotional lessons in the new year.


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Nov 21 2019

Current Advisory

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Today I started a new video and discussion in advisories. I’ll let the video do the talking. 


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Nov 08 2019

Current Advisory Lesson

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Hello ATA Families,

I hope you are all enjoying the long Veterans day weekend. This past week I once again shared the same video with all grade level advisories and will continue through advisories next week with the same lesson. My objective it to open perspectives of our students so they might have more empathy and understanding of how their words and actions impact their peers. I thought I would share it here in case your student brings it up. A couple of the advisories really engaged in this topic and we truly needed more time to discuss as a community.


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Oct 31 2019

Roseburg Therapy now available for us at ATA

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A new therapy group to Eugene called Roseburg Therapy is now available to us here at ATA. They can come to our building and meet with students one on one. They are FREE to families. If your interested in getting your student into therapy sessions during the school day please send me an email and I will get the referral started. This is an amazing opportunity to get extra support for our students.

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Oct 15 2019

Advisory Visits

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We have seen and heard a dramatic increase of referrals and negative language between peers recently. I have paused the Second Steps lessons in advisory and moving to more more impactful lesson. I will post this video on the ATA Facebook page as well.

I’m speaking to your students on the impact of words. Not just what we say, but how we say them.



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Oct 04 2019

Ophelia’s Place at ATA!

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Ophelia’s place will be holding grade level girls groups for nine weeks at a time at Arts & Technology Middle School this year. The first group will start Monday October 7. Eight 7th grade girls will explore topics around Conflict Resolution. Each week they will discuss different topics such as Emotions, Empathy and Exclusion, Gender stereotypes, Self Care, Media & Body Image, Boundaries in Friendships, Healthy Romantic Relationships, Substance Abuse and Refusal Skills.

6th and 8th grade groups will discuss the same group issues surrounding issues like Internet Safety, Sexual Harassment, Digital Decisions, Peers and Allies and more. These groups will be starting soon.

I’m very excited to have the educations, experience, leadership and teamwork of Ophelia’s place here at ATA for our girls.

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Sep 30 2019

Hello October!

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Today is Monday September 30th. We have about a dozen after school clubs starting up today. See the ATA Facebook page for more details. Mr. Skoubo has all the clubs posted on today’s edition of the Flush.

No School Next week on Thursday and Friday.

Halloween celebration and costume contest coming at the end of the month.


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Sep 18 2019

7th Grade Naviance Exploration

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Today and tomorrow I will be in the 7th grade social studies classrooms instructing the Naviance exploration program. We will discuss high school, programs within high school such as Honors, IHS, CTE, Language immersion etc. I will show and discuss various high school transcripts. We will complete a True Colors personality game. We will log into the Naviance program and explore Road Trip nation videos, which are literally hundred of career exploration information videos.

This is the first year we as a District have instructed Naviance and career exploration to 7th graders. IN recent years it has just been 8th graders. High School will continue to log in and use Naviance throughout the high school years. This program helps student with vocational and college exploration,  applications, financial aide etc.

8th graders will be looking at various high school programs and making those decisions by January. I personally like that we as a district are starting this exploration in 7th grade. High school will be here sooner than they realize.  Data shows this program helps students in the high school transition and early success with the graduation as the primary goal.

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