Our Classroom

Number The StarsWe’re Busy in Room Six! Lots of chapter books are read by our class during the year! Even though I try to include many literature genres in our reading groups, I tend to lean toward historical fiction. They provide for some rich discussion and research topics!

I love to integrate writing with art, all the while focusing on covering the Oregon State Benchmark Standards! 

This year I am teaching reading, writing and history and my teaching partner is teaching math, science and health. Children spend about a 1/2 of a day with each of us. We like getting to know all of our 5th graders really well. This arrangement also allows us to teach to our passions.

declarationWhen I teach history classes to all of our 5th grade students. I broaden the historic scope by touching upon the impact that Early Explorers had on our country. We study Early Colonialism, The American Revolution and complete our studies by learning about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Since world travel is a major passion of mine, I also sprinkle in a variety of World Culture Studies as well as Current Events.

washingtondcFor some 5th grade students and parents, a trip to the East Coast occurs in June. This is a chance for students to walk in the footsteps of famous Americans that they have studied during the school year. Last June we visited Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and New York City. Itineraries can change from year to year. Please visit the two East Coast website pages for more information. You can also enjoy photo highlights from several of our recent trips.