Student Vue, Online Learning, and YOU!!

Okay, this is the middle of week 3.  You are feeling OKAY about this online thing.  It’s kinda stressful, but once you figured out how to operate through Google Classroom, FlipGrid, Quizlet, and the Online Spanish Textbook, you were feeling like this might just be okay.  NOT IDEAL, but manageable.  And then …

BAM! Student Vue gets updated and there are ALL THESE 0’s in the grade book!!  Wait!! WHAAAT?!! 

Please read the following and spread the word!! 

I am putting zeroes in the grade book to show you that the assignment is not yet done and turned in.  You can STILL do it!!!  

Remember, there is no late penalty for work turned in a few days late.  If you have been experiencing some technical difficulties or other things have been effecting your ability to turn work  in, PLEASE, EMAIL ME and let me know!!  

I want to make it clear that FULL CREDIT will be earned for your late-ish work, if there have been some legitimate issues!  So PLEASE do not see the “0” as the final score.  

I hope this helps clarify.  I am also putting this announcement in the class stream.  But please, help spread the word!! 



Sra. Alicia