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It’s Mid-Term grades time … sort of.

Hello there! 

So yes, you or your student will shortly see the current up-to-date grade in Student and Parent Vue that we are counting as Mid-Term grades … but ONLY 5 weeks have passed!!  So this means that your grades are based on fewer items in the grade book, so that each item counts “more” … for NOW!!

As the term continues, and as there are more quizzes, more participation activities, more homework assignments entered into the grading system, the grades will even out.  (Whew!)

What’s even more annoying is that these grades do NOT have all the pieces in them!  (Huh?!) – What this means is that, we have not had any UNIT TESTS yet, which count for a whole bunch of the grade.  So, once those are taken  (Unit 1 Exam is Thursday, May 9th for Spanish 2a and Friday, May 17th for Spanish 3b) and graded and entered, THEN and ONLY THEN, will you get a much more realistic look at a “real” grade.  In the meantime…


(this has been a friendly message from Sra. Alicia)