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Everyone gets better, when everyone is better!

So we’ve made it to October.  ¡Súper bien!  NOW, it’s time to stay healthy!!  With the cold and flu season upon us, it’s time for my yearly plea.


  1. you have had a fever within the last 24 hours;
  2. you are so miserable (sore throat and/or stuffy nose) that you can’t really focus on your studies, and if
  3. you have had any vomiting in the past 24 hours.  These are the guidelines from our school nurse.

IF YOU ARE ABSENT:  STEP 1 — Go to the webpage!!  I list what we did with last night’s hw.  I list what, if any handouts there were.  (IF THEY ARE DOWNLOADABLE, you SHOULD!  If you don’t have a working printer or internet at access at home, I need a letter from your parent informing me of this.  In said case, you need to go to the library and use the laptops and printers there!)

STEP 2 — Do the work and then turn it in — WITHIN TWO DAYS OF YOUR RETURN!!  Please review the syllabus for details.  Unless you have a 504 or IEP or a note from home explaining some extenuating circumstances, all work is due within 2 days of your return to school!

STEP 3 — Pay attention to what was done in class with the HW.  If we graded it in class and then gave me the score, you need to come to office hours to grade the work.  If we graded it and then turned it in, then just turn it in — I’ll grade it.

I hope this helps!  Remember, my office hours are posted on the front board each week.  Take advantage of them!!  (Usually daily after school and Friday’s by appointment!)

Mid-Term Grades!!

Dear Parents and Students,

I have posted mid-term grades to ParentVue and StudentVue. These are mid-Term grades only!  If you and your student are not happy with what the grade is, please know that there are six weeks left to improve it.  Remember, my office hours for students are every day after school, Friday’s after school by appointment.  Please read the Syllabus for details.

Estimados  Padres y Alumnos,

Hoy he puesto las notas de mid-term en ParentVue y StudentVue! Éstas son no más las notas de mid-term, es decir que, si no estén contentos con la nota, quedan 6 semanas más para mejorarla.  Hay que recordar que mis horas de oficina son cada día después de la escuela, lunes a jueves, y viernes, los alumnos pueden hacer una cita conmigo.  También, favor de leer el Syllabus para más detalles.


Sra. Alicia