Monthly Archives: September 2018

Welcome Back!!

Hola!  Welcome Back to school!  Welcome to Churchill!  It’s SOOO lovely to have started the year withOUT all that smoke and heat from the last school year!  I am glad to be your teacher/your student’s teacher and hope that our school year together is a positive one.

Both Spanish and Japanese are implementing  new curriculum — it’s kind of like driving Fred Flinston’s foot-powered car (yes, I am THAT OLD!!) except this new curriculum/car has two circular wheels, one wheel that’s a triangle, and one that’s a square!!  I know that myself, my colleagues in the World Language Department, and our students will all settle in soon to the new materials and ways of learning them, but it’s sort of a tough way to start a year.  That being said, please, PLEASE, PLEASE … if you feel lost or confused or anxious about the class in any way, come see me ASAP (as soon as possible) to get help!!  ¡Mi Clase es Su Clase!