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The 4J School District is changing the school day schedule. 

After presenting an initial schedule, and after receiving massive public input, they have produced a second attempt of a new schedule.  Superintendent Gustavo Balderas has said:

“The district published an initial draft schedule for discussion in March, and now has incorporated the input gathered from staff and families to develop the second draft schedule, with early release on Wednesdays, earlier start and end times for high school, and as many elementary school start times as possible closer to their current times. 
Elementary schools would have 60 minutes of recess and lunch to schedule within the school day on regular school days, which is a little more time than currently provided at most schools and grades. Middle and high schools also would schedule about 60 minutes of lunch, breaks and passing periods during the school day.        (my highlight)

This change is about the schedule, the length of the school day, and the amount of instruction, not about how instruction is provided during the school day. Decisions about teaching and learning schedules within the school day and week are site-based and include teachers’ and parents’ input.  

We value your input as this discussion continues. Please share your input through the online schedule feedback form. The school board and I also receive and read every email sent to  ”
The Eugene Education Association has asked teachers to engage in this conversation.  From my perspective, as a teacher, the main points to be addressed in any schedule are student learning opportunities, ability to provided enrichment, and students’ access to teacher for help.  For teachers, we feel that the school board should:  approve the state offsets for recess, PD & conferences;  provide a schedule that gives meeting time for secondary students with teachers within the school day; and look at the fact that the 3×5 is still a problem with providing adequate learning experiences for students.

I highly recommend that you, students, and you, parents,  look this over and make your voice heard — whether it is in support or not of the proposal. Keep emailing the school board and superintendent. .
Here are the links provided by the district.

Standard schedule information:

2018–19 school calendar:

These are OUR schools.  Let’s make them the best they can be!!  Let your voice be heard!!

Happy April!!

Hello Again!  Happy April!!  I truly hope that everyone had a restful Spring Break.  I am very happy to be back in the classroom and glad to get back to “normal” .  Next week, I will be sending home a progress report update sheet, for you, the parents, and you, the students, to see, sign, come talk to me about, etc.   I am still working on learning how to use the grade book in Synergy.  Hopefully next week will show some results.  In case you are not aware, I am on the Textbook Adoption Committee and we have been doing Piloting for the last 8 weeks.  We are almost finished with our work, and will be choosing a new textbook tomorrow, Friday the 6th!!  So, THAT is why this Synergy thing has been taking so long.

I also want to remind everyone that I will be available every day after school and by appointment for anyone who needs a question answered or needs some help in Spanish class.

So, get HAPPY*!!  There are only (ONLY) 10 weeks of school left!!


(I HAD to do it, folks!! )


*Not responsible for any odd YouTUBE advertisements before or after the video.