Monthly Archives: June 2017

School’s over!!

Whew!  WHAT a year!!  To the senior class — thanks for being such amazing, wonderful, awesome people!!  I said it before and I’ll say it again: the class of 2017 was a once or twice in a teaching career group — such a blessing in my life!!  And to the class of 2020 – thanks for being you!!  All of you helped me get through my sister-in-law’s medical emergencies (still ongoing) and so much day-to-day stress.  Thanks for caring for me, enough to ask how I’m doing, etc.  and for working so very hard yourselves!!  So much laughter and fun as we learned!

Gracias!!  But now …


It’s that time again!

Sharpen your pencils, practice your pronunciation, it’s that time of year again!  Time for final exams – both Speaking and Written.  Spanish 1 takes their written final on the last day, Thursday, June 22nd.  The Speaking Final – the Weather Report skit – will be done in class on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Spanish 4 students are wrapping up our unit on Chicanos and the rights of Latinos in the USA.  We will be watching a video and having an end-of-year fiesta to celebrate all the hard work completed this year in class!

I wish all of my students BUENA SUERTE on their finals.