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Progress Report Grades passed out today!// ¡Hoy los estudiantes recibieron un informe de progreso en la clase de español!

Hello Everyone!  As you know, I do not use Synergy as my grade book.  In order to make sure everyone stays informed, I send home detailed Grade Printouts regularly (every 2 1/2 – 3 weeks) for you to see, sign and return to me.  It helps everyone see what’s what and to keep on top of things in class.  Also, both students and parents are always welcome to send me an email requesting a grade update.  I usually get that out within 24-48 school days.

Please email me at with any questions.

Hola A Todos,

Porque no uso el programa de Synergy, trato de ayudarles a Uds. los padres por mandar a casa un informe de progreso de la nota de su alumnos.  Hago esto cada 2 a tres semanas.  Hoy día, en clase, les regalé a los alumnos su informe de progreso, con la meta de que les muestra a Uds. y que Uds. lo firme.  Necesito esta hoja entregada el martes que viene, o sea, el 24 de enero.  También, siempre me pueden Uds. mandar un correo electrónico para preguntarme el progreso de su alumno.

Mi correo electrónico es:

Thanks/Gracias!  Sra. Alicia

It’s Time to Stand Up

Yes.  It is time to stand up, move your arms and legs, and get some circulation going in your system!  These cold days make it easy to do not a lot — so be sure to get up and move to stay (get) in shape.  And, just as you must exercise your body,  be sure to exercise your mind by doing your homework and studying every night! (You KNOW I had to say it!)

It’s also time to stand up in your life and be counted (when ISN’T it time for this?!).  Join a club, volunteer, work in your community, start a new activity or hobby!  Make connections with the people around you and your community.  In this way, we all become better and stronger.

Yes we can!

  We are Churchill!