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It’s time to SHOUT!?!!

Hey, so mid-term printouts were sent home today in class.  The good, the bad, and the ugly is there to be reviewed.  As stated in the course syllabus, late work is not accepted past two days after it was assigned, or if there are extenuating circumstances, by mutual agreement between the student and myself.  So please don’t  ask me if you can make up some work.

We are at half-time in your grade.  It is not time to give up.  To slack off. To stop trying.  It IS time to (maybe?) make some positive changes , come see me during office hours (every day after school), and dedicate yourself to your studies. ¡¡ Sí se puede!!


But don’t SHOUT, yet.  (That happens after the 3rd quarter, right?!!)




Mid-Term Grades will be posted in Synergy this Thursday/Friday!

Dear Parents and Students,

This Thursday and Friday, I will posting mid-term grades to Synergy.  These are mid-Term grades only!  If you and your student are not happy with what the grade is, please know that there are six weeks left to improve it.  Remember, my office hours for students are every day after school.  Please read the Syllabus for details.

Estimados  Padres y Alumnos,

Este jueves y viernes, voy a poner las notas de mid-term en Synergy.  Estas son no más las notas de mid-term, es decir que, si no estén contentos con la nota, quedan 6 semanas más para mejorarla.  Hay que recordar que mis horas de oficina son cada día después de la escuela.  También, favor de leer el Syllabus para más detalles.


Sra. Alicia