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First Progress Reports went home Thursday the 29th!!

Hello all,

The first Progress reports of the school year were sent home with my students yesterday.  Please sign them to indicate that you have seen them.  As I told the students, because it is so early in the term, the few assignments and test that we have had are really affecting your grades.  If 55% of your grade is coming from Tests and Quizzes, and of the 2 tests we have taken, you have averaged C-‘s, then your grade in class … NO ES BUENO!!  So, I encourage you, the student, to check in with me about your grade.  I am here every day after school.  Also, emails work, too.  The key is to solve the issue (if there is one!) NOW, whilst we still have many weeks left in the term!!

¡¡Sí se puede!!

Yes,  you can do it!!

Señora Alicia


Dear CHS Families and students,

Tomorrow night, TUESDAY the 27th, is OPEN HOUSE here at chs_logo_biggerhurchill!  I hope that many parents can come and meet teachers.  Open House starts at 6:30.  Here is the schedule:

START:6:30 – Auditorium

6:45 – Schedule pick-up

Period 1          7:00 – 7:10

Period 2          7:15 – 7:25

Period 3          7:30 – 7:40

Period 4          7:45 – 7:55

Period 5          8:00 – 8:10

Period 0          8:15 – 8:25


See you there!!

It’s time to check in …

Hey Everyone,


So, it’s the 6th day of school, almost a week.  We’ve settled into our schedules (mostly) and survived the first Monday of the school year.  Now is the time to check in, with your teachers (me, among others) about any lingering questions you have about the class.  It’s time to check in with yourself about your organization, your scheduling of study time, etc.  Are you writing down your homework in class in some sort of planner system?  Are you aware of your teachers’ office hours?  Are you checking this blog for information?  If not, you should START!!!  Do or do not, there is no try!!

Welcome /Bienvenidos!!


So, here we are again, starting off a new school year!  Please read the blog and the various links, as well as the course syllabus for your class, as almost all of your questions are answered in those materials!  I am excited to be able to work with you and am looking forward to a positive year!  Go Lancers!

Bueno, ¡aquí estamos otra vez, empezando un año escolar nuevo!  Favor de leer este sitio, el blog, cuidadosamente (especialmente el plan de estudios), para aprender casi toda la información necesitarás!  Estoy re- emocionada enseñarles a Uds. y estoy esperando un año escolar súper positivo!  ¡Vamos, Lancers!