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We ARE … Churchill!!


A really good article came out this week about your school!  Did you miss it?  Well, here it is!!  Very proud of all the families, students, teachers, and staff who make this an AWESOME place to be!!

C-WHAT?!!  C-HILL!!!

Churchill Makes Top 25!!

And now … the hard work begins!

It ain’t over yet, people!!  In fact, it’s only the end of week #2!!  In Spanish 1b, we have taken two quizzes, and are preparing for a Speaking Test this coming Tuesday the 12th.  We are moving on to learning and using lots of new regular verbs, interrogatives, and prepositions!!!  LOTS of work coming up!!  In Spanish 4c, students are working on their digital project, in which they write an “article” for ¡People! en español about one of 16 new latino celebrities.  These will be featured on this page soon!!  IB Spanish students have begun reviewing past IB Paper 1 and Paper 2 exams, learning all about the joys of IBO and the special “Lingo” it uses for the tests!!  🙂

AND, UO Track and Field season starts tomorrow at the PEPSI INVITATIONAL!!  As some of you know, I am a ceritified USATF/UO Track Official.  So I am SÚPER excited to have the 2106 season get underway (and it might not even be raining!!)

So, students, just as the UO athletes in Track and Field are working hard every day with the NCAA titles in mind, I ask that you all work hard, even WITH the sunshine and longer days, so that by week #12, you are happy with your “results” and can go into the summer break feeling great!!



Señora Alicia