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End of Winter Term; Start of Spring Term!!

Hello Parents and Students,

I just wanted to post this message to my Winter Term students to say that 1) I am still alive and B) I hope you all have a great Spring Break!!  As my students know, I caught a nasty, cruddy cold the weekend of March 12th and 13th.  I came to school with the sore throat Monday (remember, period 2, Sam being my “voice” and giving you instructions?) and sipped hot tea all day long as I taught.  Then, I had to stay home both Tuesday (Final Exam day for Spanish 1b) and Wednesday (last day of the term).  I made it in yesterday for a few hours to enter grades and to prep for Monday, Day 1 of Spring term.  I am home sick again today, feeling puny and sorry for myself (upside is I get to watch March Madness!!).

All this to say I am really sorry that I did not get to give my Spanish 1b students a final word.  So, here goes:

For all of you who passed this class with a C or better… I am very proud of you!!  For the very few who did NOT pass and who have to retake Spanish 1b, only one (1) of you had been attending class (not doing homework, but had been in class most days).  In fact, the students who failed the class never came in to office hours, never checked the blog for assignments, never (or rarely) attended class, and never did anything to pass.  That’s on you.

All of the rest of my Spanish 1b students.  Wow!!  I pushed you every day to work harder.  You did.  I required you to reuse materials you had learned a week ago, or even three months ago and to use it with the new stuff you were learning.  You did.  I expected you to think, to reason, to question, to try, to fail and get back up again, to learn, to practice, and to support each other in your efforts.  Boy, howdy, you all DID!!

A lot of life is just showing up.  But a lot of life is not just showing up, but also being ready and willing to grow.  With family pressures and social pressures and personal issues all on your shoulders, you all did an amazing thing this year.  You started to learn an entire new language!!  Whether you continue on past the two or three year requirement, or whether you don’t, the skills it takes and the focus it takes to learn even a bit of another language are skills that you can apply to your future.  I wish you all the very best.

Spanish 4/5/IB Students:

Uds. han hecho un esfuerzo bastante fuerte en sus estudios conmigo este año.  Estoy re-emocionada para enseñarles unas cositas más en el trimestre de la primavera.  Bueno, vamos a estudiar la poesía, las películas, el empleo, el muralismo, y también vamos a continuar unas actividades divertidas.  Vamos a cocinar, tal vez bailar, y hacer un proyecto artístico.  Entonces, para terminar sus carreras académicas, espero que tengan una primavera buenísima y llena con memorias lindas.

¡¡Nos vemos el 28/29 de Marzo!!


Carpe the heck out of the Diem, Everyone!!

Señora Alicia