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Oh the weather outside is … NORMAL!!


Happy Winter Term!!

Yes, the new term is now three days in and I couldn’t be happier!!!  We’re getting rain (and SNOW!!) like we should be getting in December, the classes are up and running, and I am thankful for being able to be your student’s/your teacher!!  In Spanish 1 classes this term, we are going to really dominate verbs and conjugating them, as well as talk about weather, clothing, family, colors, telling time, learning how to talk about likes and dislikes, and a lot more!  Spanish 4 and AP/IB Spanish and Spanish 5 students are entering the “nose to the grindstone” term.  Those taking IB tests will be completing TWO internal assessments this term in late February and early March.  Those preparing for the AP exam will be starting to complete AP Spanish practice tests – joy!!  So, all of my students are going to be working hard and making great strides in learning Spanish!!  I am súper excited to be teaching you all this term!!  Happy Winter!!holly