Monthly Archives: October 2015

It’s not over until it’s over…

This week you received your mid-term grades and comments from your teachers.  I want to encourage you all to make excellent use of my office hours during these last 6 weeks of Fall term.  Grades that are low can improve a LOT between now and then.  Understanding and comfort in knowing that you are understanding the material can be obtained fairly easily if you, the student, are willing to invest in yourself enough to come see me and get help.  I am available Monday through Thursday after school and during lunch on Tuesday (bring your lunch to the classroom and eat lunch while we clarify your questions!).  Or, if the question can be answered via email, send me one!! (  I cannot help you earn a better grade if YOU don’t try to help yourself!!  ‘Nuff said.  Now, let’s get to work!!


Things MUST change.

0MjJ07Fe_normalAs our communities and as the country begins to heal from yet another shooting on a campus, I am called to simply say:  Things must change.

Also, I remind all of the Churchill family that the saying is If You See Something, Say Something.”  Always notify our office (541-790-5100) should you see or know of an unsafe situation. If time is of the essence, call 911 and follow up with a call to our office.  If you or a fellow student or family member is struggling with issues brought up by recent events, PLEASE talk to either one of our Counselors or an Administrator.  We have District staff ready to help.