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Learning from failures

So, it happened.  The Ducks lost and lost BIG to Utah.  I am, and will be forever, a true fan, so I don’t give up just because things went poorly on one Saturday evening.  However, I am hoping that our players and coaches can take away some great learning opportunities from this failure.


Just as I hope that you, students, learn from any of your mistakes and less-than-awesome tests this fall.  Remember, I throw out your worst quiz at the end of the term.  But before that happens, YOU need to work to improve what you can.  I am here to help you.  Every day after school.  Every Tuesday during lunch.  But if you DO get a bad test here or there, LEARN from it!!  Can you adjust how you prepare?  Can you be sure to ask clarifying questions in class?  Can you study more? better? differently?

Remember, doing not-so-great at something at first is pretty normal.  Hard work and focus can move mountains!!  Things CAN get better!!

Your maestra,

Señora Alicia

Happy Fall!!

Chichén Itzá

Here’s a cool video about the amazing historical and cultural sight that is Chichen Itza, Mexico!   Check it out!!



Please come to OPEN HOUSE next TUESDAY, the 29th of September.  It starts at 6:30 in the Auditorium.  I look forward to meeting parents and guardians of my students!!

And now … the work!

Many of us, teachers as well as students, spent the last two weeks trying to figure out the new schedule and learn names and rules, as well as keep up with the homework assigned (even on FRIDAY!!).  Many freshmen, and some sophomores perhaps, have a bit of a struggle adjusting to the rigor and pace of high school.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE: come see me during office hours (Monday-Thursday after school; Tuesday’s during lunch; or make an appointment) to get your questions answered.  Can’t make the office hours?  EMAIL ME!! (  The important thing is to get your questions answered.  I cannot change how MUCH homework you have, but perhaps I can help you with some studying strategies and such to help you handle your homework load.  Hang in there!!  (And make use of office hours!)



Advanced Spanish … extended!!

If you or your student is in Spanish 4, 5, or AP/IB Spanish, please read this important letter!

Advanced Spanish letter 2015