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Blue Blue I have … only 4 1/2 weeks left!!

bluevalellaBlue velellas are here!!


Velallas,  a cosmopolitan genus of free-floating hydrozoans that live on the surface of the open ocean. There is only one known species, Velella velella, in the genus.  The small jellyfish-like animals normally live out at sea, floating on its surface. But every spring, thousands get blown by strong westerly winds onto the sands of Oregon, California and Washington.So, in addition to the fact that Velellas are wickedly interesting and amazingly beautiful (they were all along Tillicum Beach last weekend on the Oregon Coast), it also goes to show you that, spring is here, soon to be summer!!   Which means, school is almost out!!  BUT DON’T STOP WORKING!!!  You have 4 1/2 weeks left to: maintain your grade, improve your overall GPA, and set yourself up for a good year next year with good study habits and great organization!!  Keep seeing me during office hours.  Keep asking questions in class.  STUDY!!


May the fourth be with you!!


So, now that we’ve all had a chuckle …

Mid-Term Grades are out!!  Please check out your Mid-Term grade.  If you are not happy with the grade that you are currently earning in class, COME SEE ME DURING OFFICE HOURS!!  We only have 6 SHORT weeks (actually 4 full weeks, 1 week with short classes due to SMARTER (?) BALANCE testing, and the last week of 3 days!!) to get your grade in shape.  It CAN be done in most cases, but we need to work together.  As Yoda said, “Do or do not, there is no try.”  I am here to help you DO this!!  Ya just gotta ask!!