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So, here it is, again, a day set aside to “care”.  I urge you all to consider the long-term effects of your actions, however small, on the planet.  Here’s a nice interview from Bill Moyer on the subject.


Smart Young Person!!

It’s NOT raining!! Run a good race!!

Yes!  Finally the wonderful spring weather is here!!  Time for bike rides, skateboarding, making summer plans…. HOLD ON!  We still have 8 weeks left of SCHOOL!!  This is my annual plea to students:  PLEASE KEEP WORKING HARD UNTIL THE VERY LAST DAY!!  Please don’t “check out” of school because of the lovely weather.  Your education is important.  Besides, with our longer days, you can get your studying done and then still have some time to go outside and enjoy the fresh spring air!!

So, run through the tape, as it were, of your academics.  Don’t be like Tanguy Pepiot, and get beaten at the end because you ended your “race” early!!


So, as we are just starting our 4th week of Spring Trimester, I thought I’d remind you all:  I do not use Synergy except for Mid-Trimester and Final Grades.  That is why I have this blog.  It tells you what I have assigned and what we did each day in class.  It tells you what was turned in, stamped, graded, etc.

But what about your grade?!!  So, every two weeks or so, I will send home a printed out progress report for you to see and for your parents to sign.  Spanish 1b students received theirs last Thursday and it was due either Friday last week or today.  Spanish 4 students are receiving theirs tomorrow (4/14/15) and will need to turn them in, signed, by this Thursday or Friday.

ALSO, ANY TIME you want to know your grade, just ask (preferably via an email) and I can send you a screen shot of your grades within 2 school days.  Easy as pie!!  pie

So, no more stressin’ on the grade notification!   It’s all good!


Happy to be back, Happy April!!

Hello Again!  Happy April!!  I truly hope that everyone had a restful Spring Break.  I am very happy to be back in the classroom and glad to get back to “normal” .  In the next few days, I will be sending home a progress report update sheet, for you, the parents, and you, the students, to see, sign, come talk to me about, etc.  I also want to remind everyone that I will be available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during lunches this week for anyone who needs a question answered or needs some help in Spanish class.

I will also be available after school each day as well.

So, get HAPPY*!!  There are only (ONLY) 10 weeks of school left!!


(I HAD to do it, folks!! )


*Not responsible for any odd YouTUBE advertisements before or after the video.