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Hola!  So, if you are currently in Spanish 1b, or in Spanish 2b, PLEASE take the survey here ! Depending on the outcome, we might be offering either a 2a or 3a section this Spring Term, and I would teach it!!!  But we won’t know what you want if you don’t complete the survey, so …..!

(Please and thank you!)

Grades grades grades!!

So, as we are now at week 5 1/2, I am sending home progress report slips for parents to see and to sign.  Please come see me if you have questions about your grade, about missing work, about improving your test scores, etc.  My office hours are daily after school and Tuesday’s during lunch.  Let’s work to get your grade to be it’s best for your Mid-Term Progress Report (coming soon -January 23rd!!)

¡Sí se puede!  (Yes, you can!!)

It’s 2015!! Where’s my flying DeLorean??!!


So, it’s 2015 and we still don’t have our flying cars!!  Oh well, what we DO have is 9 more weeks in Winter Term and LOTS on the agenda!!  Be sure to make good use of my office hours (every day after school and Tuesday lunches).  Be sure to study Spanish every day, in addition to just doing the homework.  Be sure to get enough rest and try to stay caught up in your classes.  If you DO miss a day, check the blog for what was missed and GET THE WORK MADE UP!!

I’m looking forward to working with you all in the next weeks and am excited to see how much you will improve!!