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End of term items, FYI

So, you (and I) have almost made it to the end of Fall Term!  ¡Excelente!  A few things to remember:

*  If you are in Spanish 1a with me now, but don’t have Spanish 1b with me until Spring Term… YOU MUST TURN IN YOUR SPANISH TEXTBOOK FOR OTHERS TO USE DURING WINTER TERM!!  You will check a book out again at the start of Spring Term.  I will have some things posted on this site to help you keep in Spanish shape during Winter Term (I don’t want you coming back to me in March, asking, “Uh, what’s a verb?”!!!!!)

*  If you are in Spanish 3a or 4a with me, PLEASE PAY YOUR CLASS FEE ASAP SO WE CAN COOK IN DECEMBER!!!  Remember, it’s $5 per term, so the total class fee is $10.  Pay Ken in the Finance Office.

* If you are in Spanish 1a with me and do not have me for Spanish 1b … I will be SAD (really!).   So if you want to have me again, go talk to your counselor ASAP and see what can be done.  If you can’t get into my class, you know that you can always stop by and say hi!

Also, if you just can’t wait for your grades to be sent home or posted online or whatever, please send me an email on Wednesday, November 26th.  Send it by 3:00 p.m., because after 3:45 p.m. I am NOT CHECKING SCHOOL EMAIL UNTIL MONDAY, DECEMBER 1st!!  I will send you your final Spanish 1a grade in an email on Wednesday if you email me in time!  🙂

Finally,  I want to thank all of my students Fall Term for being really great students, who try, who (mostly) show up to class ready to learn, who are overcoming lots of stress and life issues (let alone just trying to handle high school!!) with much more poise and grace than I would have done when I was your age!!  Remember, queridos, ¡Sí se puede!


It’s about that time!

Hola a todos!  So, yes, as amazing as it seems, the Fall Term is quickly coming to an end (November 25th is the last day!!).  With that in mind, I sent home your last Progess Report for the term to be signed by parents and returned by this Friday.  Please come see me after school or during lunch on Tuesday to discuss any questions you might have.  Also, ALL MISSING QUIZZES AND TESTS MUST BE MADE UP BY NEXT FRIDAY THE 14th of NOVEMBER.  Good Luck and keep working hard like you have been, queridos!  🙂