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Fall is here!!

SOOOOO happy the weather is turning to fall!  I love summer, but I also LOVE the fall.  Crisp, clear mornings.  Rain.  Leaves turning to amazing oranges, yellows, and red. Salmon fishing. Football.

Unfortunately, Fall also means sore throats, head colds, and stuffy noses (oh my!).  PLEASE take care of yourself: get as much rest as you can.  STOP SHARING WATER BOTTLES AND OTHER BEVERAGES WITH YOUR BFF!!!  And, do stay home if you are feeling puny.  I will keep your work for you for when you get back!!

Remember, we’re all in this together.  Take care of yourself.  Take care of each other.

Pre's Trail fall Pre’s Trail, Eugene, OR

Give me strength, por fa!

Vale. Como les prometió, voy a poner tus notas en Synergy este año.  Entonces, esta semana estoy tratando de arreglar mi “Grade Book” en Synergy.  Por eso estoy pidiéndoles unos pensamientos y oraciones para tener éxito con este trabajo.  🙂

Si todo sale bien, las notas estarán en Synergy este viernes!

Señora Alicia writes a blog post!

Day 11, 2014-2015 school year.

To quote myself, Holy Schniblies! I’ve got a blog up and running!! This is the first site I’ve managed. I hope it’s useful. It’s just mostly a basic, clean place for you, my students (and their parents) to come see what’s what in Spanish class. I make no promises about anything, other than I will do my best to both keep it updated as well as to have handouts in PDF format on the Calendario (Calendar). If I were teaching only upper division, everything would be in Spanish, but, as I’m not, it won’t always be so.

A few quick thoughts: a am über (hey! That’s German! What?!) impressed with you, my students so far. I have the bar set high, to challenge you to be better than you think your best is. I appreciate the work that you are doing! ¡Gracias queridos!