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Office hours: Tuesday and Thursday at 10am; Wednesday at 6 just email and I will get back to you right away.

What: During this unique time I want to help you stay active and keep going.

Goal:  2- 30 minute sessions a week u pick the days!


  1. Lessons submitted to SeeSaw.
  2. Fitness activity linked at bottom ;if you aren’t able to do the lesson for any reason or choose not to.
  3. Go outside safely and play, bike, run, walk, skateboard, scooter etc….



Music Videos and Warm-up: 

Roar Dance                     Dynamite                   Baby Shark

Stretch song K-1        Stretch song 2-5            Action song

Hokey Pokey      Star Jump   Listen and move 

Making a ball

Fitness Activities:

Fitness Monopoly   Tabatha Fitness workouts

Dice Activities  Boot camp 1    Bootcamp 2   AMRAP workout