October 2015

LINK Thinking
List, Inquire, Note, Know

Teachers can use LINK Thinking to:
• help students tap their own and other’s prior knowledge about the concept(s) to be studied; and/or
• summarize new content knowledge they acquire from class activities and reading.

1. The teacher identifies one, two or three key concepts to be studied.

2. Students are given a Link Thinking Graphic Organizer designed to link their prior knowledge to new information presented in the text.

3. The teacher selects one of the key concepts and models the use of the LINK Thinking strategy on that concept with the whole class by adding comments and having the class share their knowledge of the concept.

4. Students are then invited to select one of the other key concepts identified and address it using the LINK Thinking Strategy.

5. The concept is recorded at the top of the form.

6. Things the individual student already knows about the concept are listed under “List.”

7. Students then work in pairs to inquire from another student regarding their knowledge. That student’s name is listed under “Inquire.”

8. That new knowledge is then listed under “Note.”

9. The partners work together to create and write a summary statement under “Know.”

10. Each student finds a new partner and repeats the process.

11. Or, the partners can stay together and join another partnership and repeat the process as a foursome. It is critical that students write a summary of the new knowledge they glean.

Link Thinking Graphic Organizer