Online Resources

This page will have links and other resources to help teachers incorporate literacy standards into their content areas.
Smarter Balanced Website
The NYC Department of Education
ODE – Content Standards & Common Core (plus a whole lot more)
Literacy Design Collaborative
All About Adolescent Literacy: Resource for Parents and Educators
Adolescent Literacy Glossary
Vocabulary Instruction help
Classroom Strategies & Lessons that Support Literacy in the Content Areas

LDC Template Tasks Collection
LDC template tasks are fill-in-the-blank “shells” that allow teachersto create high-quality student assignments that develop reading, writing, and thinking skills in the context of learning science, history, English, and other subjects. Template tasks are built off of the Common Core State Standards. They specify the subjects and levels of student work for which they can be used, and they come with rubrics that can be used to score the resulting student work. Template tasks may also include Level 2 and Level 3 additions that can be used or omitted to vary the task demands.

Building High Quality Teaching Tasks from Templates

Using Performance Tasks to Teach Literacy (GoogleSlides Powerpoint)