Tech in the Classroom

Tools for Teachers

Crop online videos and remove ads, keep your videos in one place, and insert questions in your online videos.

EdPuzzle Tutorial
Watch Debbie’s tutorial to see how to use EdPuzzle and crop a Youtube video.

Play gentle background noise like ocean waves, fire and rain. You can combine sounds.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom
Log in to Google Classroom. Create your own classes, share announcements and assignments, receive student work digitally, grade it and return feedback.

Google Classroom Basics
Misty Jackson’s slideshow explaining how to set up and use Google classroom.


Kahoot tutorials
Watch short tutorials on how to create a Kahoot quiz game, add questions, invite students to play, and download the results.

Use the fun, competitive game Kahoot to help students review concepts and liven up multiple-choice quizzes. 


SMART Board Setup
Step-by-step instructions for setting up your SMART Board.