Economics: Retirement

 Economics: Retirement Day, Thurs/Fri, June 7th/8th

  • Review of asset classes
  • Work on RPPF

Economics: Country Project 7/Workday

 Economics: Country Study Day 6, Tues/Weds, June 5th/6th

  • Work on whatever you need to do

ToK, Ineffable Project/Board Game Workday

ToK, Ineffable Project/Board Game Workday, Day 2, Weds, May 25th

Homework: Ineffable Project due Thurs, May 31st. Board Game due Tues June 5th

Economics: Country Project 6/Workday

 Economics: Country Study Day 6, Fri/Mon, June 1st/4th

  • Work time for Country Assignment Day 6
  • Possible Blueprint cleanup

Country Assignment #5 Due Friday June 8th

Economics: Personal Finance Day 4

 Economics: Personal Finance Day 4, Weds/Thurs, May 30th/31st

  • Good Debt vs. Bad Debt
  • Reasons for and against a credit card


Economics: Blue Print Day 2

 Economics: Blue Print Day 2, Mon/Tues, May 29th/30th

  • Blueprint Work Day (Due Friday)

Economics: Blue Print Day 1

 Economics: Blue Print Day 1, Thurs/Fri, May 24th/25th

  • Blueprint Work Day


Theory of Knowledge: Board Game Day 1

ToK, Board Game , Day 1, Weds, May 23rd

  • Introduce and Start to work on board game

Homework: Ineffable Project Due May 31st, Board Game due June 5th

Theory of Knowledge: Ineffable Project Day 4/5

 ToK, Ineffable Project, Day 3, Thurs/Fri, May 17th/18th

  • Worktime on Ineffable Project
  • Presenting music projects during half of class on Friday

Theory of Knowledge: Work Day

 ToK, Work Day (IB Testing), May 15th

  • Work Day