The Monarch, Issue #3, April 2015

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Welcome readers to our third issue of The Monarch, Madison Middle School’s on-line monthly magazine. Thanks for checking us out and giving our writers an authentic audience.  Our mission is to provide a space for all students to share their perfect, and not so perfect, pieces of writing.
Melissa Ivan


Don’t Give Up

by Kaitlyn Mcclure

When you feel like you’re done and don’t want to stay

When you keep telling yourself it’s your time

When you hear that little voice in you your head saying, “Go no one will care”

When you start hurting yourself because of all the little things

When you start to believe what that voice is saying you’ll realize


I’m not done
I want to stay
It’s not my time
Some people do care
I’m not going to believe what my mind’s saying

I’m not going to hurt myself anymore

When you make that decision you’ll have second thoughts

I know

(But never stop fighting)


Common Writer’s Follies

by Griffin Fields

I find that despite apparent skill, many middle school writers make mistakes often, myself included. Their errors are usually similar to ones made by their peers. In this “article” I will be naming the common follies of Madison’s 7th grade writers.

I’m going to start with the obvious. Punctuation and capitalization. For the most part these are done correctly. However, small mistakes arise in the form of missing commas frequently. The statement “let’s eat grandma” is probably not what the writer meant. It was more likely intended to be “let’s eat, grandma.” Unless the author was a cannibal in which case, join the club!

Anyways, What else do Madison writers mess up? Paragraphing. I know you may think that it’s quicker to separate your thoughts after writing them. Imagine, if you will, killing a pig for bacon. If you try putting the unseparated corpse onto the grill it’s gonna take a while to cook the whole thing. And when you cut it up, the delicious ham is gonna have pig’s foot juices in it. Not pleasant. Similarly, separating your thoughts into paragraphs after finishing will take longer and the pieces will be mixed up.

Although both of these other mistakes can be problematic, the thing I find crushes the most stories underfoot is improper use of present tense. Sometimes people will use both past and present tense in the same story. For example, ” I run across the street and bought a sandwich” is a botched sentence. It could have been “I run across the street and buy a sandwich” is technically following the rules but still sounds wrong. This is because writing nearly always sounds better in past tense. “I ran across the street and bought a sandwich” is by far the most attractive of these examples.

Oh, and by the way, never say more cooler. Heck, never say anything including more and er. We’ll call this morer and mostest problem. He’s more taller, She’s the most smartest. Don’t do it. I will hunt you down.



A True Story: My Missing Half

by Ryleigh Andersen

In the summer of 2014, it became more clear that my uncle was a victim of suicidal thoughts, drugs and alcohol. His four year old daughter, Taylor, was exposed to those sights, growing up watching him pop pills one after another and shot after shot. My mother, a very loving and caring person, couldn’t bare watching her niece try to determine what was wrong, and what was actually right. When her brother ended up in the hospital after a suicide attempt, it was the last straw for her. On our way home back from California, we brought Taylor back with us, in hopes of getting custody of her.

As time pasted by, I felt the presence of a great bond between Taylor and I. I felt like she was a sister to me, meaning she annoyed me so much, that my head could have exploded, but yet we had the best times together when we were acting civil. She was the best at taking selfies, and she was the best partner you could have while tubing, and every sentence that came out of her mouth would make you crack up laughing without a doubt.

A few months pasted, and there was still no reply from our lawyer about getting custody, until today. My mom had told me to tell her if her phone rang, she said that she was waiting for an important call. The phone rang, and with a grin on my face, I ran straight up to my moms room to give her the phone. A few minutes later she opened her door, and made her way to Taylor. A tear rolled down her face.

Everyone was filled with silence and sad emotions, that is, everyone but me. My mom, holding Taylor and crying the hardest I have ever seen her cry, my 3 year old brother Reece, confused and immune to what was going on, raced around the house with a car in one hand, and a toy airplane in the other. My oldest brother chandler, and my dad Eron, rushed around the house, doing what ever my mother, or Taylor commanded, while I, sat still.

My mom was determined to do anything and everything that Taylor demanded before it was time to give her up. We got her some ice cream, and I watched as she smiled at everyone while eating her favorite- strawberry and vanilla ice cream in a cup. I felt bad, she was sitting there, having the best time, seeing tears fall of my mothers chin, and not even know what was actually going to happen tonight at six. We then we went to a skate park. I watched as Taylor had an amazing time watching the “big kids” do tricks and flips on scooters and skateboards. After we left, my mom pulled out Anna and Elsa dolls. Taylor got Elsa, and Reece got the matching Anna doll from the kid famous movie “Frozen”. She shook her fists in excitement and looked at Reece, who was also jumping out of his seat.

We all sat quietly in the car until my mother spoke, and tried to explain to Taylor that her father was coming to take her back. Taylor stopped shaking in excitement, now more like fright. I saw her shed tear after tear while she cries out- “I don’t want to go home! I don’t want to go to daddy, I want to stay her with you auntie” . As my mom cried one more time from joy of hearing Taylor call her auntie, I still felt no emotions. I have always thought of Taylor as a sister, but if that was so, why wasn’t I crying as well?

When we got to the police station, I thought for sure that I would feel the pain of loosing a loved one. She will be in California while I’m in Oregon, and I know her father will cut off as much contact that she has with us as possible, but still, I felt nothing.

Taylor was gone, my mom, still bawling her eyes out, and me, nothing. I felt nothing! All I could think was “I am a horrible person”. But still, nothing.

It wasn’t until Monday, that I felt the loss. I woke up and opened my door, where Taylor would usually meet me at 6:30, but she wasn’t there, I ran to her room, she wasn’t there. I broke down in tears. I went to the bathroom and started the shower, and I washed my body as I

listened to the water poor, which usually wasn’t the case, Taylor would always be talking my ear off but not this time.

When I got out of the shower, I went through my clothes trying to decide what to wear. I pulled out two outfits, and sat there looking at them for awhile. Usually Taylor would help me decide which one to wear (usually the one with the most pink on it), but I was forced to do it on my own this time, and forever more.

It’s nearly a year later, and I still can’t go to sleep with out her image appearing and her voice echoing in my head. I go to school everyday feeling incomplete, and when I arrive home my hopes are high and I’m exploding with excitement, until I remember that she’s gone. After she left, all I could think was never again would I take another selfie with a smile on my face, never again would I laugh as hard as I did, but I did. I laughed when I watched videos of us running around the house playing tag and singing let it go, and I smile in every single selfie that I take, because I can picture her sitting right next to me. To this day I have not lost hopes of seeing her again. She was my best friend, always will be, and I don’t give up on friends that easily.


 Riddles Just For Fun

by Geneva Long

Q: Tuesday, Sam and Peter went to a restaurant to eat lunch. After eating lunch, they paid the bill. But Sam and Peter did not pay the bill, so who did?
A: Their friend, Tuesday.

Q: What gets broken without being held?
A: A promise.

Q: What is always coming but never arrives?
A: Tomorrow

Q: What goes through towns and over hills but never moves?
A: A Road

Q: What has Eighty-eight keys but can’t open a single door?
A: A piano

The Monarch, Issue #2, March 2015

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Welcome readers to our second issue of The Monarch, Madison Middle School’s on-line monthly magazine.  We’d like to thank you for stopping by and enjoying the variety of writing.  Our writers write with high hopes of being read.   Please keep our mission in mind.  We are not interested in publishing only the best writing but rather to provide a space for all students to share their perfect, and not so perfect, pieces of writing.


Melissa Ivan


I’ve Got Tricks Up My Sleeve

by Geneva L.

Question 1: If it’s information you seek, come and see me. If it’s pairs of letters you need, I have consecutively three.

Who am I?

Question 2: A natural state, I’m sought by all. Go without me, and you shall fall.
You do me when you spend,
and use me when you eat to no end.

What am I?

Question 3: Alone I am 24th, with a friend I am 20. Another friend and I am unclean.What am I?

Answers appear at the end of this issue.

The Girl

by Stephanie M.

December 2

Last night I watch a Video on YouTube about a girl, how’s hole life changes in one year. The video starts on her birthday, every day after that she video-tapes her self for 1 sec a day for a year. At first her life is happy and peaceful. As the video goss on she is force to leave her home,She become very depressed. When I was watching this video I began to think, what caused this and where did it happen.

December 3

Yesterday I watch the video again, I realized that at the end it said where it happened in Syria where they are having a civil war. A civil war is a war that happens with in a country’s boundaries, between the government and a large group of fighters.


Watch the video here:


Could I Stay?

by Raynie J.

This city filled with lights at night although in the day time bottle caps Rome the city that I would call home. If I could find a way to revive from this hate from myself I would.

There’s a grate saying some infinities are bigger than other infinities we’ll, my life lasted to one.its strange looking at the world in a way that your not in your own mindset when it feels like your looking above everything.
the puddles in the mist like condensation when you have died you can see things different than you ever thought you could have the beauty in everything.
The car accident took my life and even if I was to wake up it would be as a foster child with no home so this is my dissuasion. I will not stay not because I can’t or because I don’t want to it’s because that even if I did stay I wouldn’t stay for long the stress would billed up and the night will eventually take me away with darkness it’s better this way.



by Baily B.

I’m standing out side the mall in a field, when I see “her”. In this case “her” is really two people. I am the third wheel in the what’s called friendship. Juliana and Britt are the monsters I’m talking about. They are practically the same person but Britt is the more dominate one and tells Juliana what to do. When I see them together I call them “her”.

She’s with her friends laughing until she lays her eyes on mine. I know that hate is a strong word, but the way that they have been treating me, it’s time that I use it. I especially don’t want to, in this bright green meadow with several, yet beautiful patches of daisies. I look up to the bright burning star, just to not make my eyes come in contact with hers.

She starts walking towards me. I can feel a tear dripping down my face, I wipe it off with my sleeve that’s almost soaking wet. Although I try to stay calm, every step she takes is torture. She is the thick dark cloud on a sunny day that is not wanted nor needed.

She is the kind of person that can manipulate anyone she sees. I can’t believe that she sucked me in to her little game of life, controlling every part of me. I’m sick and tired of her treating me like this. She treats me like I am a empty soda can on the road, kicking it to only where she wants it to go, until she gets bored and leaves. I go home from school to get away from her, but she’s always in my head, mocking me. I tell myself that I am better than this, I have freed myself from her trancelike whirlpool before, but she sucked me back in, by guilting me. I can see right through her. I want to get away, but I spent most of my life with her. If I do leave, I loose everything, but move on to a better life. If I stay I would have let her keep treating me like this. I choose to leave.

All this is racing through my mind while she is standing there face to face with me talking, but I’m not paying attention because I’m caught up in my thoughts. I can see her lips moving and she’s putting her fake emotions into her words but I can’t hear her. She doesn’t

even ask why I’m crying. Why isn’t she asking why I’m crying? This is another sign that I need to move on in life. When she got done talking she just stares at me with her piercing eyes. I explain to her how I feel but I can tell she doesn’t care. I walk away, she laughs. I don’t need her criticism so I just ignore her. She doesn’t control me any more. She’s powerless. It feels amazing.

Since that happened I have gained way more than I have lost. I am happy for myself. I still see her around and I give her a look saying that I’m happy with out you. She gives me a look like she didn’t care if I left or not. It still makes me jealous seeing her with the popular girls but I know that I’m treated better where I am with my somewhat true friends. At least they treat me like a real person. They invite me to do stuff with them and enjoy spending time with me. They ask me what my opinion is about things . It makes me feel like I’m a real person.

All of this is a life lesson, at least in my mind you will have a bumpy roads in life and you think it will never get better, but it does. There will always be mean girls in your life but you have to learn how to encore them. It’s hard but you can do it.


The Adventures of Magma Skull

By:Tomaus H. K. G.

Chapter 1
The Very Beginning

There is a legend of a man who’s veins are filled with lava and his skull made of magma. His touch can melt through steel and he has the strength to lift a boulder 10x his own weight. If he falls in water and his veins and skull turn to obsidian his form will explode and turn any water based life into obsidian. He has a pet made of the same material he is made of and he named his pet magma pup. He travels across the world training with the most powerful fire elementals on the planet. He learned how to cast spells that would summon armor made from solid magma (not obsidian) and weapons made from reinforced obsidian. His pet magma pup soon grew into magma hound and magma skull summoned armor that was made from the same material as his weapons. They battled many evil dark warriors as they went along. Later on they soon met Enderium a warrior who could teleport. He was hired by the leader of the evil dark army to assassinate Magma Skull and Magma Hound. When Enderium tried to attack his sword melted on contact and he weakened.
“Please don’t hurt me the evil king captured my family and forced me to kill you or they will die.” Cried Enderium .
“Don’t worry I understand I have no family it least I don’t remember them.” Said Magma Skull. “Thank you great warrior I am Enderium or Seth if you prefer.”
“My name is Magma Skull or Tomaus.”
Later at night while they were eating.
“It took me ten years to forge this armor.”explained Enderium.
“What’s it made from?” asked Magma Skull.
“It’s made from pure Endermite, a substance that let the user or anything with conductivity to teleport.”
“That’s really cool.”
“Yea I also need it to survive because one day I found raw Enderium .”
“Really that’s the most powerful and rare element in the galaxy.”
“Yea but when I found it I touched it not knowing what would happen.”
“What really how did you live.”
“I don’t know all I know is it was absorbed into my veins but not entirely and I have the power to control it. I also have a sword that is made from the same substance as the center of the earth.”

“Wow that’s a really cool story maybe we should get some sleep now.”
While Magma Skull, Magma Hound and Enderium where walking trough the forest they encountered a ghost who tried to take Magma Skulls body so he could take it to the evil king. But when they tried to hit the ghost they just went through him. when the ghost took Magma skull, Enderiums eyes started to glow and he pulled out his sword and hit the ghost out of Magma Skull. The ghost ran away scared. When magma skull got up magma hound licked his face in joy. When he saw Enderium, he was larger and more enderlike than usual. He looked like an assassin with a hood made of purple silk. He soon turned back to normal and fell to the ground on conscious. Magma skull had to wait until Enderium woke up. When Enderium woke up he asked, “What happened? Where did the ghost go?”
“You saved me.” Said Magma Skull with a smile.
“But how? You where controlled by the ghost.”
“I don’t know, but when I woke up you looked like an assassin with an Enderium silk cloth hood.” “Wow that sounds amazing I wish I could remember it.”
“Well let’s get some sleep we’ve got a big day tomorrow.”
“Ok but I’m going to say up and watch for any more bounty hunters.”
“Ok good night Enderium.”
“Good night magma Skull and Hound.”
The next day they ventured into a jungle and came across Mythiskal and lime his pet slime. They were walking through the jungle until some evil dark warriors tried to get them. So magma skull, magma hound and Enderium attacked the evil dark warriors.

“Man dudes I hade them.” Said Mythiskal “No you didn’t.” Said Enderium
“Yes I did.”
“But you were standing there doing nothing!” “Yes but I can do this.”

Just then Mythiskal started to glow and a medallion on his chest started to grow into shoulder armor and chainmail made from emeralds as well a long sword. He looked like a gladiator an emerald gladiator.
“WHAT?!”screamed magma skull.

There are more elemental battlers than me and Enderium. “Wait you guys have powers to?”asked Mythiskal.

Chapter 2
The Search Begins

“If you have powers show me.” Said Mythiskal
Enderium teleported around and Magma skull created armor for himself and magma hound. Soon after that a little metal ball hit the ground and opened with this holo message.
“Magma skull if you ever want to see your family again you will surrender you magic and join them in prison. If you choose not to give up they will become my personal cyborgs.” Then the screen cut to his family “Tom don’t give up never stop fighting we will be ok.” it blacked out. “M-my family!? Said magma skull trying to sit down.
“TOM?!!” suddenly screamed Mythiskal.”your name is TOM?!”
“Yea why? It’s just a name.”
“What is the spelling?”
“Did you know your father?”
“No why?”
“I think your father is Hephaestus the God of fire and forge. There was a legend that he had a son named Tomaus and had sent him to earth. While the evil king attacked the gods you were sent to earth. He hoped you would train and grow strong so you could lead a team of battlers to defeat the evil king.”
“And you think I’m the leader of the legendary battlers?”
“Well if I am an elemental battler what happens if you find true potential?”
“You grow and become your true form.”
“I think Enderium is one to because when I was being taken by a ghost I woke up to an assassin with and enderium silk hood.”
“Then we are all elemental battlers.” Said Mythiskal as he grew into an emerald man with a staff of elemental power. He was a man who could fight without fighting and heal the ones who needed healing. He had the powers of a god. He had an emerald cloak and could fly. With grace he emitted a beautiful green light that shined across the jungle. And he turned back to normal as he drifted down to the ground.
“We should look for the other elemental battlers so we can defeat the dark king.” said Enderium.


by Micha J.

Love is hard, love is sometimes stupid, but it’s worth it. When they say no you keep trying, you keep asking them. Love is the most important thing in the world. The person I love is XXXXX XXXX.


Answers to:  I’ve Got Tricks Up My Sleeve
by Geneva L.

1. A bookkeeper.

2. Balance.

3. The letter ‘x’. It is the 24th letter of the alphabet, XX in Roman numerals is 20, and XXX is a label for movies that are very inappropriate (unclean).

Social Justice Writing Contest

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During the month of January thru mid February, our Focus classes discussed issues of Social Justice.  The 6th graders studied the early life of Martin Luther King Jr.  The 7th graders explored the Montgomery Bus Boycotts, the bombing of the Birmingham church where four girls lost their lives and Martin Luther King Jr.’s ‘I Have A Dream’ speech.  The 8th graders reflected on how issues of social justice are still prevalent in our society today.  Each Focus class designed a poster and the school participated in a gallery walk to view the creations.

For our third writing contest, students were asked to write a brief biography on an individual who was instrumental during the Civil Rights era, or to write a personal essay, or a real or imagined story about Social Justice.

The following students won awards:

1st place  A.J. M. ($25.00)

2nd place  Geneva L. ($15.00)

3rd place  Molly B. ($10.00)


The following story is student A.J. M’s winning entry:

Terrific Tuesday

The candle flickered a slight flame, a beam, shooting from the dark room onto his pale face. Half his face lit by the candle, with one dark brown eye gleaming like newly cut glass, a tear fell down his face. A light sobbing came from him, with every breath he took the candle stuttered. He blew out one last sorrowful breath, blowing out the candle. He went to sleep, isolated, and empty.

In the morning, he awoke. His warm, comfortable pjs lining his legs, making him, for once, feel accepted into somewhere, his bed. He sat up, reluctantly, if he wished to suffer another day in his life, he would go to school. But, if we wished to cry in anguish he would stay, both options left him with a bitter taste in his mouth. He decided to go to school, but had second thoughts as he stood up.

He stumbled out his bedroom door, tripping over his long, flannel pants. He reached to his shirt, pulling up his bruised and battered arm to the stairwell railing, where a shirt hang. He pulled it over his scared body, and walked down the stairs. With every step, his body ached like he was being stabbed with broken glass.

He walked outside, transitioning from his warm, safe house, to the cold, bitter reality. He stumbled to his bus stop, and sulked in his bitter loneliness. He turned his head slightly, and peered down the street. He saw the long, yellow bus driving towards him. “Another day in Hell,” he grumbled to himself. The bus pulled up to him, and he glared inside and staggered onto the bus.

He quickly found a seat in the back, as far away from those who tortured him. As he looked out the window, the bus started to move, and rain begun to poor. He watches the outside world move quickly, while he knew his day would be long, and apathetic.

“Hey Tyler!” A boy said sarcastically whilst swinging into the seat with him. “How was the gays day?”

Tyler frowned, and felt inferior, but tried to defend himself. “You know Ryan, I have normal days like you!” He said angrily.
“BUT YOU’RE GAY!” Ryan yelled, and struck Tyler on the face.

“OUCH,” Tyler responded, “that hurt!”

“That was the point, Gay Lord.” Ryan said rudely.

Soon after Ryan’s daily homophobic rants, the bus got to school and they went on with their daily lives. Ryan, being the alpha dog of his school, went on with a day of fulfilled, confident, importance. While Tyler, on the other hand, went on with his usual inferior, victimized, emptiness that at this point, consumed him.

When he returned home, Tyler threw his backpack to the wall, with a large thump it landed on the ground. He then fell onto his bed, face first, and started to cry, like usual. He sobbed until he he couldn’t feel his body. After he sobbed, he got up, empty inside, and went to grab some food like usual.

His night went on like all the others, crying, eating, and hiding from his family. His morning also went the same. But, in the cafeteria, he heard an announcement, odd, he never hears those, and when he does, they are insignificant. But this one was odd, they mentioned an assembly.

Later that day he went to the assembly, expecting a pep rally, or some sort of cheery stuff like usual. But the lights went down, and Tyler nuzzled into his hoodie, covering most of his face. Then a video started playing.

The entire time the video played, Tyler was amazed by it, it was about equal rights, and respect of others choices. He was looked at, but not the usual sinister looks he got, these were looks of odd… confusion. People looking around at others, not seeing as vague differences, but as people.

Tyler stood up after the video, reluctantly. He tilted his head over to the door. A sea of people gathering and talking to each other, odd, Tyler only ever saw people being upset over differences. But this…this, was love, laughter, and acceptance.

Tyler stumbled over to the crowed, curiouser and curiouser of what was happening.

“Hey dude!” Tyler heard Ryan say with an odd glee.
“Oh, here it comes” Tyler thought to himself.
“What’s up?” Ryan said surprising instead of an insult.
“A-” Tyler stuttered, “Aren’t you gonna say something mean?” “No! Why would I do that, you’re human!”

“I just thought since you usua-”
“I know, I know. I’m so sorry for the past…”

Tyler and Ryan talked on and on, but not as victim, and victimizer, but as friend, and friend. But when Tyler got home, instead of the usual sorrow, and emptiness, he was happy, and full of glee. He went to sleep that night, happy, for once in years instead of a bitter, sorry, feeling for his future, he saw a new bright and loving one instead.


The following story is Geneva L. winning entry:

Little Sister

 “Well… Are you black or are you white!” It’s a question I hear a lot and can be hard to answer. My name is Tribuo. Why do people ask me this? If my clues haven’t given you the answer yet then I will tell you that my mother is from Europe and my father’s parents where born in west Africa. I am “half black and half white.” ” don’t talk to my sister that way, or you’ll walk home half black with bruises.” They walk away snickering, but they know I would do it. I would do any thing to protect my little sister.

“Where you okay back there?” “I could have handled them myself.” She said, but I knew she needed me. “Are you hurt?” She said no but she was doing a bad job of hiding her pain. “I’ll take you to the nurses office, I insist.” White kids, who seemed to all be jerks, thought of us as two stains that never go away.

There are six black kids in our boarding school, if you count my sister and myself that is. You may expect them to all be gangsters or rappers like they are bad boys or something, but they aren’t like that. My four friends and I have a secret handshake, some people think it’s stupid, where we make a peace sign with hand and we put our piece signs together to make a star. In elementary school we thought that it looked cool so we still do it now.

My sister, Hostia, comes home one day in tears. Catching her breath, wiping her eyes, and covering a wound, Hostia can barley utter a word. As she calms down, she explains the cause of the waterfalls on her face. She was on her way to the store when three eighth graders surrounded her. They called her names and pushed her onto the cement. The leader pulled out his knife, but before he could cause serious damage, my only white friend, Victor, stopped the leader but Hostia still walked away with a nasty scar and the threatening words of a racist bully.

I thank Victor over the phone but, we both know that we have to stop the harassment once and for all and I had just the plan.

Flashlights illuminate the halls. I’m sure that my friends can hear my heart pounding like base on the radio, but they still look at me as their leader. “Does everyone get the plan?” A chorus of ‘yeahs’ give me my answer. We do are secret handshake, and head for the bullies rooms.

I am nervous. Did it work? I sure hope that we don’t get ratted out by that custodian. Here they come. The bullies have brown paint all over their skin so that they look African. with our school uniforms they can’t hide their new skin tone. The laughing was music to my ears. I know it was not the right thing to do, but it sure felt good.

The white kids never even thought about disrespecting us again, and the custodian kept his word. I made a few friends and as far as I was concerned the world was at peace. But the whole world is someone else’s problem to deal with. My sister is safe.


The following story is Molly B’s winning entry:


Jamie was a short and petite girl in the 4th grade, who was constantly judged by the dark color of her skin. Jamie was in a class where she was bullied by people both physically and mentally because she was different. Jamie would go home, most days, to her mom and dad with cuts and bruises.

One day in class, Jamie’s teacher Mrs. Turpin asked a question and she raised her hand to answer. Mrs. Turpin called on Jamie and she answered the question incorrectly, which made everyone start laughing. All except one girl named Violet, who just looked at Jamie with sympathy.

Violet was also small, never talked, and always sat by herself at lunch. The two girls were the same, yet different in many ways. Violet had short brown hair and a brother and two sisters who went to school with her. They were one year older and never talked to her, it was like they didn’t want to be seen with her. Violet knew what it was like to feel unwanted.

Back in the class, the teacher quieted the class down and called on someone else who also got it wrong but no one laughed. Jamie knew that she was treated different because of the color of her skin, but was to scared to do anything about being bullied. When Jamie’s parents asked

about the cuts, she just told them that she fell off the monkey bars and they bought it just fine.

One day when the kids were physically bullying her, she saw Violet just sitting there watching. Then she stood up, after the bullies walked off and walked inside the classroom. Jamie was wondering what she was doing, so she followed her inside the classroom . She was surprised to just see Violet and the teacher talking. Jamie looked as they turned their heads. Mrs. Turpin looked at Jamie and said,

“Is this true Jamie?”
Jamie looked at the ground.
“Jamie, why haven’t you come and talked to me about this?” “Please so not tell my mama and papa!” Jamie said.

All of the sudden the bell rang and all the students ran in tumbling over Jamie, causing her to fall to the floor. Mrs. Turpin ran over to help her up. Jamie wiped the dirt off her dress, onto the floor. Mrs. Turpin walked Jamie over to her table, and helped her sit down. As soon as Mrs. Turpin turned away Jamie started to cry. Everyone laughed as Jaimie ran to Mrs. Turpin. She instructed Jamie to the door and told her to go to the office. Jamie ran out the door stumbling and crying.

When Jaimie was sitting in the office, Violet walked in. She went over to Jamie and handed her her coat and folders. Jamie wiped the tears off her face, smiled and said,

“Thank you.”
“Your welcome!” Violet said as she sat down.

The two girls talked and laughed together until the bell rang. Two minutes later Mrs. Turpin walked in and talked to the girls for a few minutes. Then later Jamie’s mom and dad walked in. They looked at Jamie talking to Violet and they smiled at each other. Jamie ran to her mom and dad and hugged them. Mrs. Turpin leaned toward the break room and Jamie’s mom and dad followed her into the room where they all started talking. Meanwhile, Jamie and Violet stared talking some more in the office. A few minutes later they walked out of the room and they looked at Jamie and Violet and smiled again.

Jamie and Violet became the best of friends and Jamie realized that not everyone will always judge her by the color of her skin. Real friends will judge her by what’s on they inside, and that person is pretty great.



Local and National Writing Contests and Publishing Opportunities

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Hey Students,

Check out the following local and national writing contests and publishing opportunities:

Willamette Writers Kay Snow Awards

Wordcrafters in Eugene Young Writers Contest

Teen Ink

One Teen Story


The Monarch, Issue #1 February 2015

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Welcome to The Monarch, Madison Middle School’s on-line monthly magazine. The purpose of The Monarch is to give students a place to publish their perfect, and not so perfect, pieces of writing.  Writers write in order to be read.  When students are able to expand the audience for whom they are writing, beyond that of their teachers, they evaluate their writing as readers would.  Different students are at different stages as writers.  It’s not our intention to publish only the best writing of a select group of students, but to provide a space for all students to share their writing.  Thank you, dear reader.

Melissa Ivan



by Anonymous

 Snow drifted softly down and coated the landscape

in a blanket of white

The sun shined off the snow so brightly

From the mountaintop it was so cold

Going on a small hike

The beautiful sunrise

Everything was an amazing yellow and orange

With the sun light on the snow

It felt like heaven




by Zeke M.

One day I woke up and I didn’t know where I was. It looked like I was in the hospital. I sat there for a while and started to wake up then all of a sudden I heard something trying to break in and it stopped. By the time I got up I looked through the peep hole and nothing was there so I opened the door and I took a left. As I was walking heard a sort of grounding sound and when I got to the end of the hall way I followed the sound and I took a right for about twenty five feet. I came to a dead end, literally a dead end. There was something written on the door with blood the door was all chained up and the same sound that I heard about an hour ago was behind the door. When I got up close to it something reached for me gladly it didn’t grab me. As I turned around there was that same sound to the left. But instead of going the way the sound was coming from I go down the emergency EXIT and find a door. When I’m opening the door I hear one of those things trying to open the door. As I kick the door down it falls and breaks it’s scull. as I see the sun it blinds me with shear brittleness. As I’m getting my site back the stench of rotting bodies gets me light on my feet and I almost faint. I walk down the wheelchair ramp and I get out of the back parking lot and go up a hill. There I see even more bodies than before. I see a helicopter it has about six full gas tanks. I find a key and start it up to see if it is ok to fly. Before I head out I fill it up and I’m on my way.

P.S. Sadly he dies as soon as he makes it to the border of Mexico and California. And his name was John bullet.


The National Championship

by Riley F.

My favorite team the Oregon Ducks made it into the national Championship to play the Ohio state Buckeyes. The game started at 6:30pm the game started off with the ducks scoring first. After first quarter, Ohio state was up 14 to 7 . During the second quarter,Ohio state scored one more touchdown. The Ducks just got a field goal. After the first half was over,the score was 21 to 10 with Ohio state winning. At the beginning of the third quarter, the ducks scored the first touchdown to make the score 17 to 21. Then the Ducks made a field goal to make the score 20 to 21. Then Ohio state scored two more touchdowns to make the score 20 to 35. At the beginning of the forth quarter they both didn’t score at all. Close to the end of the game, Ohio State made a touchdown to make the ending score 42 to 20. The Ohio State Buckeyes were the national champions.


Madison Middle School’s New Train Club

by Sam L.

Join the new model train club at Madison.

We welcome anyone interested in model railroading, regardless of scale, time period orcountry. Module ownership is not required. We will be meeting in Mr. Callahan’s room, Room 801. No fees are required for the club. What we will be doing in the club is we will be working on your model train (if you have one) and we will be talk about how to make layouts and trains and much more.

For more information see Sam L.

We hope to see you there. 🙂


The Kidnapping

by Anonymous

Hi, my name is J.J and I’m a Junior in high school. Here is my story. Let me set the scene before the incident. It was a hot Friday afternoon. It was two minutes until school was out. I was jumping out of my seat because it was going to be summer. Ding the school bell went off. I ran out of my class to my locker. A lot of people filled the hall. My friend Jason and his little sister Janet were waiting outside for me.

Janet was a freshman and she was quiet and always following us around like when we went to the skate park. She just sits there for a long time just drawing. We started to ride home on our skate boards. I saw a weird man dragging a bag. I thought it was garbage. Then when I got home there was a missing girl report on the news. It was about a girl that goes to my school .It was Janet friend Ruby she was a tall girl who has long red hair. She was the only one Janet will speak to. Than I thought back to the man dragging the bag. I went to my room and I stared to freak out and thinking that was Ruby. I call Jason and I told him everything.

Later that day went to Jason house and his sister Janet open the door. She let me in. I went to Jason’s room Janet all so went inside .I started to tell her all of it. When I was done she started to cry I felt so sorry of her. She said “We have to tell the police.” I respond “We can’t the person might get us and we will go missing too.” “So what should we do” Jason ask. ” I didn’t know what to do” I respond. Janet said “we should look for the person who did this.” “So like a detective,” Jason said. I was so happy I all was wanted to be a detective. It was the first day of the detective group.

We went met at the old tree house we always play in it when we were little.We set a map of the whole town and we pin up all the places she could be. I said “There is only three spots Ruby can be. She can be at the old abandon house the cemetery and the ally I saw the man in.” the first place we went to was the ally it was a narrow ally. It had a lot of tracks of both and no sign of her. Janet yelled, ” J.J, Jason come look.” It was a thread of Ruby’s red hair. We were all shocked. I said that, ” she was here.” After that we when back to the tree house. The next spot we look was the cemetery one of the weirdest spot in town. When we got there it was it was getting dark. We look around I found I paper of a book it look like it was nothing but we took it. When we got to the tree house I drop the paper by the neon light it was invisible ink came out and it was the direction to wear Ruby was.

We were so happy but the only time we can get there is when the moon was high. Which was at midnight. So that night we sneaked out and we went to the place where the map took us. It was the old abandon house. It was old an old house. No one want to destroy the house because some people the thought it was haunted. Squeaky the door opened we walked in it was so strange. When we walked in all you can hear was the skinning of the floor borders under your feet. We flick on our flash light and counted down the hall. We walked down the hall to the last room . There was Ruby weeping in the middle of the room. I walked to the the center of the room she began to get up. She was wearing rags and she was covered in mud and bust.

Then two goes walk in to the room and one man ask, “Ruby are these your friends.” she whispered “yes.” One strong man came up behind us a grab Janet and Jason . I was so scared I could not move he tied us all up. I was so handy I brought my pocketknife and started to cut the rope. Janet screamed “Let us go you mad man.” He yelled “Be quiet” it was die silent. Ruby said in a soft quiet voice “i’m so scared it all my fault.” One of the men slapped her. Snap the rope fell. I got up and said “you can’t hit her.” one of the men came up to me and said “How is going to stop me” I whispered “me” He swung is large fist at me and I bogged it. When I was fighting one of the guys Janet and Jason ran a way with Ruby. With all the noise the house began to crumble. Crash have the house fell I started to run. The three men fell through the floor. I got out of the house before the house fell. With all the noise the how block came to the house with police.

When we got out all four of us were standing in front of the old house that was on the floor. The policeman came up to us and helped Jason and Janet with Ruby. The police officer ask me, Jason and Janet a lot of questions. I told then everything that happened to us. In the being they did not believe us but at the end they did. Then one policeman came up to us and said, “They are not there.” we were all shocked. The ambulance came and help us with all of worse we had. I still have sum scared of that day. A couple days later Jason, Janet and I went go see Ruby. She was find she had a cast on her leg. She was going to get out in a couple of days. It was coming to the end of summer. I saw some thing weird when they wear the old house was. It look like a ghost but that is a different story.


Hunting trip at Halfway Oregon

by Alec S.

One day I went to school to get all of my home work for when I go on my hunting trip so I would not have bad grades when I come back are when I left I pack all of my warm clothes because it is going to be cold like in 6 decreasing out side. After I pack all of that I got my iPod my knife my gun and and all of that stuff. So then I was on the road it took 9 hours to get there it was boring but when we got there we found a spot.

we took the camper of of the truck and took out all the stuff we need to have after that we walk to see where we are. So then my dad and I admy brotherwent to sleep hoping that it would not snow when we woke up and went out side and it was like 3 feet deep . We where like crap. Are cover was broken.we pack up Then we found a new better spot.

So then we got on the 4 willer and went up in the woods that was a bad idea. We got up and the snow was like deep so my dad Said That it could bern up the belt that how hi the snow was up. So we went back to are camping spot. And we got are gun and starting walking I was with my stepmom and my brother was with my dad. And then I heard something it was a bull calling for a girl elk Man I tell you it was a cool sound.

So we went that way and it led us to are camping spot. Then I herd a water fall that was where the elk was. But I did not go back there I should of but I was scared . After that I made a big hole to put are sewer In. Then the next day me and my dad got lost we ware following a trail.we were at the bottom.

Then the next day we saw a guy with his friends they had like 5 elk so then we went. up to the canyon and we saw nothing on the way back we talk to these guys that had all of the elk. And they told us where there spot was. we went there and saw nothing. So then we went back and we ask if they could help us and they Said yes so the next day they all went into their.

spots and push them up but they saw nothing . We would talk on the radio and so me and my dad were sitting down on a log. My brother was in a different spot.
And then the we went back the next day and we saw a 4 rack deer it was nice but we where hunting for elk. Then we went out to eat and we meet a guy there that we talk to and he got a elk and he told us where that’s where we went it was a rocky road we got on are 4 Wheeler and went there. And went up there and we saw a pack of deer like 20 of them. I wish they were elk. We meet this guy and we talk to him for a long time.

So then we went back to the camp and went to sleep. And the next day we went to the same spot and saw nothing and then we pack up and went home. That was the best hunting trip I ever had.


Sword Art Online

by Orion G.

Sword art online is my favorite anime. Sword art online is an anime that takes place in a virtual world. The main character is a 17 year old boy named kirito.
In sword art online if you die you die in real life. Kirito beat sword art online and alphime online. My favorite character is kirito.  If you watch anime I think you should watch Sao.


A Box of Donuts

by Alec s.

A guy stole my donuts when I walked out side. I could not stop him so I got in my car drove as fast as I can. And I hit him and he went flying.i said, ” That’s for taking my donuts. I love my donuts. No one messes with my donuts haha.” I Said. He got back up and started running. Then I was thinking why was he stilling my donuts Maybe there was something I did not no about it so I went to the store where I got them. “There is a millions of dollars you can win look under the donuts so I did and there was a number to call. they told me that I won 4 million dollars I was happy. I did not believe them! and they said that I have a to go to California to get the money.

on the way to California there where people trying to steal the magic donut box. I hid the box where the spare tire was so they would not find it. So then we got there and they where people in the front of they building. they where trying to steal it from us. then we drove out of the parking lot. Then we took the car to a donut shop And got the same donut box .and with the fake box my friend, he is going to run with the box and say “crap”. And they flowed him. And I walk in with the right box and they said I won 4 million dollars. And then I went out to save my friend. and told him the a we won. they will give it to us I side . Now I said what are we going to with four million dollars?


Letter to Administration

by Kobie M.

Dear Administration,

I am a 6th grader at Madison Middle School.  I think that we should be allowed to ride bikes and skateboard on school grounds.  And we can hang out right by the bike rack.  But if someone  is wearing a helmet you should be ABLE to ride bikes on school ground.  Maybe if you wear everything like pads to ride a bikes and skateboard because we do not want to get yelled at and so we are not late to school.

Kindness Writing Contest

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Starting the week before Thanksgiving until winter break, our Focus classes discussed the meaning of kindness.  Students participated in a canned food drive for local families and gathered over 2,000 items of food which was enough to feed twenty families over the winter break. Since Madison students collected so many items, each family received 100 items of food and toiletries along with an extra bag of groceries. We also held our first Random Acts of Kindness week where students wrote down different acts of kindness that they acted upon, received or witnessed on paper leaves to create a kindness tree.

For our second writing contest, students were asked to write a real or imagined story about kindness.  The following students won awards:

1st place   Emma L. ($25.00)

2nd place  Raynie J. ($15.00)

3rd place   Megan E. ($10.00)


The following is student Raynie J.’s winning entry:


It’s Better to Remember

This is the time, this is the time we find out what’s wrong with my grandpa and the test came back. After a long day of sixth grade I come home to see my mom crying talking to who I think is my grandma but could be anyone. That’s when I see the word forming in my moms cracked voice say “chemo” this is no new word to me, my mom, grandma, grate-grandma, great aunt and a countless of others had to go through this horrific thing that all leads back to “cancer”

I don’t know how bad the cancer is and at this point I don’t care. The next thing I know is that I’m in my bedroom crying on the floor and that’s when my door opens to my teary eyed mom telling me it’s going to be okay when I know it’s not. I remember my grandpa saying “cancer is curse on the bell family” and, right know I think that might be true.

After my mom explains what has happened to my grandpa to my siblings, hearing only soft weeps on both sides but I don’t shed s tear, not because I’m not sad it’s because I know it will make it worse and one of my best strengths is holding my emotions back. My loving grandpa I think who I have know to be strong willed and good hearted is know suffering from what now I name the grate sacrifice. One of the most unfair prices to pay is cancer.

After countless weeks of my mom leaving to see my grandparents every weekend it’s starting to become a life style, I don’t need to ask anymore if she is leaving because I already know.
(4 months later)
My grandpa is doing good for what I have heard but, “for the pas few weeks it’s like he is doing worse and getting sicker” my mom said. There doing a scan on him tomorrow and his results should come back on Friday witch is in 3days and that means 1 month until school ends.

When I get off the bus on Friday I see my mom waiting there like she needs to tell me something so, I run to her thinking that she will tell me something exiting but then I remember my grandpas results coming in today. I ask my mom ” is papa okay “‘she is surprised because of how I remember and that’s when her mood changes to teary eyed and manages to say ” Raynie they have stopped the chemo ” and she dose not have to say another word before it all clicks. He has ether stopped his chemo because he is cured or because it’s spread but how can it have spread, he was doing so good. I can’t think and that when my mom tells me the cancer has spread.

I remember how every day walking into school feeling like a battle field, how much I missed. How I missed the Cost trip in school, how I missed every Friday and how i missed a lot of birthday party’s. To see my grandpa get worse after the weeks, his body getting thinner, his life getting shorter and his hope like mine getting lesser.

The last night I saw him was a hard night I lot of family was over at my grandmas house and my grandpa couldn’t walk. Me my dad and my sister and her baby didn’t have a place to sleep and my mom was going to stay and comfort my

grandma so we went to my aunts house and luckily my older cousin was on a church trip so I slept in his bed while my dad slept down stairs.

When I woke up I saw my mom and my dad right then I new something was wrong. My mom said “papa passed away today” hardly keeping her tears in but I didn’t cry I guess I’m strong and I new he was in a better place and that I had to expend that. I have to be strong it’s a little act of kindness I could do for her.

When I got to my grandmas house sadness filled the room as everyone was conferring the family and I thought this is what kindness really was. We as a family will never let one and another down.
(At the end of summer)

Today is when I spend a week with my grandma. I know there will be a lot of tears. Ever since the funeral I always think my grandpa is coming back soon but I know I’m lying to myself.

Me and my grandma are going to a play but today out of all is the worse because it’s my grandmas and grandpas wedding anniversary so it’s tough. When we are driving my grand ma brakes down. I want to lie and say its all right but I know it’s not so I tell her…

“It’s never going to be okay” I start this surprises her but I continue It’s not right that he is not here with you even if he is in a better place, so if anyone tells you it’s okay there a liar. No one can fix this not even you people say it’s better to forget but I would rather remember because sometimes remembering is the best thing to do and only you can make the pain it better than it already is.


Bully Writing Contest

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This school year, Madison is holding a series of writing contests.  Each contest will be based upon a character trait that we discuss in our Focus classes.    This past month we’ve been talking about respect and teaching students how to interrupt bullying.  We hosted our first writing contest this past week.   Students were asked to write a story, fiction or nonfiction, about a bully.   The following students received awards:

1st place  Emma L. ($25.00)

2nd place  Megan E.  ($15.00)

3rd place  Raynie J. ($10.00)


The following entry is from student Sarah N. for the Bully Writing Contest:

Why Can’t We Be Friends?

 Today, school would be starting. And not just any day of school, the first day of school. Most “normal” kids would be exited about this day, but not me. I wasn’t ” normal” to any one. No matter what I did, it never seemed to be right. I always seemed to dress wrong, talk wrong, be wrong. Most days, I would often ask, what did I ever do to be hated so much? I’ve gone to counsellors before, but they were of no help.

I walked into that school every day waiting for the worst to happen. I’ve never made it through one day without being taunted or teased. I squeezed my way through the crowd and into the cafeteria only to sit down at a table. Alone. I didn’t have any friends and the ones that I did have were chased away by rumors. I watched others laugh and play as tears rolled down my face. However, when I tried to say “hello” or “have a nice day”, I got the cold shoulder.

I would ask to be left alone, but they just ignored me. I was thrown around like trash and yelled at for no reason at all. I was treated like an old forgotten toy. All day. Every day. By the time that they were done, I’d have bruises going down my arms. Nothing I did seemed to make the stop. When I talked to a teacher about it,nothing changed. They were mean, cruel people. Although, often, I felt as if they were taking their hurt and pain in life and taking it out on me. When would the end of all of this come. Should I wait or take the easy way out?

Most kids would make the most obvious choice, the one that was simple. But I knew that if I did, I would hurt my loved ones. For now, I would tuff it up and go with the flow. But it sounded easier then it actually was. Each day it got worst and worst. The more terrorizing it got, the more I elides to keep to myself. To no longer try to be nice. So the real question was, what am I going to do about all this?
It was halfway through school and the teachers even seemed to hate me. There was nothing I could do about it. I would hope and pray that nothing would happen that day, but I guess I just have really bad luck.

Each year I was in school, each new grade, the older I got, the bigger the bullies would get. I would cower in the corner as the big, black, evil shadow towered over me, ready to attack. He would call me all sorts of names. Just like before, only worst. This time kids would crowd around yelling “fight, fight”, and he did. He was a college kid now and I was a kid about two years younger. He always thought he was so powerful. He always thought that he could hurt me as much as he wanted without getting in trouble. That is why he bullied me. To tell the truth, he never did get caught. He was considered “popular”. One of the “cool kids”.  I never did anything to him, or anyone else. He just hurt me for the fun of it.

The eighth week of school and it happened again. I was dragged to a corner and beaten there. I went home with a black eye and bruises every where that night. I had cried myself to sleep each night because of it. My parents tried to conform me and that’s hen I exploded. I wound up telling them every thing. From the day in kindergarten to why I was coming home with bruises each night. I just exploded. Every thing I bottled up all those years. All the anger, sadness and happiness. Every hope that I thought I had lost, it all just came out. My parents had seen how bad it was now. They could see that I had literally gone through torture all these years. They wrapped me in a huge hug and told me every thing was going to be OK. That they would take care of it. Then they walked out of the room.

It was much easier to sleep since I told somebody about everything. I felt as though I could be a “normal” kid again. That for once, somebody took care of it all.

The very next day, I woke up to whispering voices outside of my bedroom. I looked at the alarm clock, surprised because it didn’t go off. 12.00 PM. 12.00 PM! That was way passed school time. I rushed out of the bed and threw some clothes on. As I ran down the stairs, I noticed my parents were downstairs waiting for me and some other lady that I didn’t know. They were all smiling at me awkwardly. Like they were under some crazy spell. Good morning? I said in a questionable voice. As soon as I said that, the lady, of which I now knew was my new counselor named Vicky, stood up and shook my hand violently. She told me all sorts of things, like why I wasn’t in school, or what the heck she was doing here at my house. Then she saw and understood that I was kind of freaked out about what she was saying and how she was acting. She explained calmly that she was here to help me with my bulling problem and that she specialized in that type of stuff. Then she told me to tell her every thing that I told my parents last night.

I still wasn’t sure if I could or not. Every time I did, I got terrible headaches because I would start crying like a mad woman. But instead of just sitting there, I took a deep breath in and out. Then I started telling Vicky every thing. When I was finally done, she just stared at me for a long moment. After like, two minutes she finally said something. She told me that I needed to do something called stop, walk and talk. She gave me an example of how to use this technique. Tell the bully to stop. If he or she continues, walk away from the situation and try your best to ignore the bully. Then, if they continue to bully you then talk to some one you can trust. Like a best friend or a teacher at school. After telling me this, she again, just sat there staring at me for five minutes. Then she looked at her clock and rushed out the door.

What the heck was that? I asked my mom. She looked t me calmly and told me, you sounded really upset and worked up about all this last night. Besides I did tell you your dad and I would take care of it. She was right. They did say that. I guess I just have to trust them more then usual. It was odd having someone help me though. It’s bee so long since I have had help, I’m just not used to it. I ran up the stairs again and climbed in the shower. Every thing was different now. But I wasn’t  sure how it was different.

That day my mom let me go to school. Although I was late, I was weirdly exited about school, and when I got there, It was even stranger. The kids weren’t in there classes. I walked around the school for a little bit and noticed noise in the gym. When I walked in there, kids were clapping and shouting my name like I was some movie star or something. I looked up in every ones faces, and they even seemed happy I was there. But the Smart board explained every thing. It said in big pink letters, we’re here for you! I guess people were there for me all along. Some how my story got out. People do care.

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